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    Techpedia, an initiative at SRISTI aims at putting the problems of micro, small and medium enterprises, informal sector, grassroots innovators and other social sectors on the agenda of the young technology students across the country. For over last sixty years, India has not utilized much the technological outputs of millions of students. But no more. Can a knowledge society really afford to ignore the huge talent distributed in thousands of polytechnics, diploma and degree colleges of engineering, pharmacy, medical science, agriculture etc.? SRISTI is providing a platform for the industry and academic institutions to collaborate, co-create and foster distributed and horizontal innovations. Most of the ideas mentioned here have been implemented and the initial results are shown extremely encouraging.

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    GYTI-2019 Award Winner

    Dual Action Of Spions In Effective Removal Of Heavy Metals And Mosquito Larvae From Water.

    Student Team: ,Roshini S.M.,karthika.M

    College Name :

    Water is vital for all known forms of life. Due to industrialization and improper effluent disposal, the natural water bodies in many parts of our country are alarmingly contaminated with heavy metals

    Early Diagnosis Of Osteoporosis Using Metacarpal Radiogrammetry And Texture Analysis

    Student Team: ,Anu Shaju Areeckal,Sumam David S.,Dr. Jagannath Kamath

    College Name :

    Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by reduction in bone mass and micro-structure, causing high risk to fragility fractures. The gold standard diagnostic technique for osteoporosis, Dual Energy X-

    Novel And Eco-friendly Light Weight Thermal Insulating Ceramics From Thermal Power Plant Waste

    Student Team: ,Chandrakant Bhogle

    College Name :

    India alone produces 169 MT of the fly ash per annum from 155 thermal power stations, out of which 50% were unutilized and dumped into the land. This may cause catastrophic effects on the environment.

    Utilisation Of Real-world Waste Plastic For The Production Of Fuel Range Liquid Hydrocarbons Using Two-step Approach

    Student Team:

    College Name :

    Large amount of waste plastics is being generated because of the accessible properties of the plastics.However, due to lack of efficient end-of-life management in many developing countries; plastics a

    Formic Acid-powered Ferrobots For Clean Energy Technology


    College Name :

    Hydrogen fuel cells work by instigating stored hydrogen to react with oxygen in air, producing electricity and water. However, generation of pure hydrogen fuel can be a challenging problem. The large-

    Non- Catalytic Deep Desulfurization Process Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation

    Student Team: ,Nalinee Bhatu Suryawanshi,Dr. Vinay M. Bhandari,Dr. Vivek V. Ranade

    College Name :

    Sulfur removal from transportation fuels is a demanding operation, especially from pollution point of view. In this work, green approach is discussed for desulfurization of fuels or organics without t


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    I am extremely happy to see an initiative of SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions...
    By Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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