Blood Quality Assessment using Digital Holographic Microscopy

Mandeep Singh including his team member Azhar Muneer won the award for the research project Blood Quality Assessment using Digital Holographic Microscopy. He carried his research work under the guidance of Dr. Kedar Khare and Dr. Sarita Ahlawat Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

The stored blood in blood banks is used regularly in surgical procedures or transfusions. Blood quality assessment is therefore an important routine task. Current blood quality assessment protocols involve a number of chemical assays or impedance measurements making the process cumbersome and difficult to standardize. In recent years IIT Delhi has developed and patented a superior DHM technology for accurate high resolution 3D imaging of biological cells for blood cell classification and quality assessment. DHM operates on the principle of interference of light and can provide accurate information regarding minute refractive index changes in the cells that are ultimately related to cellular changes in response to ageing, physical cell damage or infections. Using the novel 3D imaging capability of this prototype system has indicated that fresh and old red blood cells have clearly distinguishable morphological features.

Mandeep SinghThe specialty of the DHM technology is that the usual wet-lab processing of cells prior to their analysis can be minimized thus significantly reducing recurring costs for chemical reagents. With a more systematic effort in this direction the aim is to develop a methodology for blood cell classification and quality testing that can benefit large number of hospitals, blood banks and pathology labs across India and beyond. The work is expected to lead to an early application of an indigenously developed microscopy technology with superior imaging performance.

Dr. Renu Swarup Senior Advisor, DBT and MD, BIRAC honored Mandeep Singh and Azhar Muneer with the prestigious BIRAC-SRISTI Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Award 2017 at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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