Two week WIPO-INDIA Program

WIPO-INDIA Summer School on Intellectual Property( 2 to 13 July 2018)

WIPO Academy, the RGNIIPM Nagpur and the National Law University Nagpur, hosting WIPO-INDIA Summer School in Nagpur, India.  The Summer School program provides an opportunity to students and young professionals to acquire deeper knowledge of each domain of Intellectual property (IP) and role and functions of WIPO. The program consists of lectures, case studies, simulation exercises and group discussions etc.

Basic Information

Venue RGNIIPM & NLU Nagpur
Registration date 22 March  to  15 May 2018
Payment          date 21 May  to 15 June 2018
Training Course date 2  to 13 July 2018
Language English
Certificate WIPO, RGNIIPM & NLU
Course Administrator
Further details    9922453057 / 9422812261 / 9422809065

Eligibility: The Summer School is open to 50 Participants like,

  • Students(graduate and postgraduate) and
  • Young professionalsfrom any field of study or discipline.
  • All applicants are required to have successfully completed the Six week free WIPO distance learning General Course on Intellectual Property (DL101).

                  for course visit

Documents to be uploaded compulsorily:

  • Motivation letter for Summer School (reason for applying & what hope to gain from the Summer School) (Maximum 300 words)
  • Recent Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Identification documents such as passport or National ID
  • DL101 Course Certificate (distance learning 6 week free online WIPO course)

Registration Fees: Registration fees are payable upon notification of acceptance.

Ø  Students & young professionals from developing countries and countries in transition and residing in those countries:

(i) Students: US$ 100

(ii)Young professionals: US$ 200

Ø  Students and young professional from developed countries:

(i) Students: US$ 150

(ii) Young professionals: US$ 300

For further details and Online Registration for WIPO Summer school:-  9922453057 / 9422812261 / 9422809065 / 0712-2542961 / 2542979 / 542969

IMC inclusive innovation awards



Sristi, as knowledge partners of  IMC, is making a joint call for IMC Inclusive Innovation Awards 2017 for GENZ-Special Award for the Young Innovator Category (Age group 13 – 23 years).

2017 is the fourth cycle of the Award.  The first three cycles evinced, high level of interest and participation from grassroot innovators across the country.

The aim of the Awards is to identify and support work of entrepreneurs/ innovators, who are in the process of building enterprises that focus on products or services which are of high quality and yet, affordable and accessible to all sections of the society, especially those leading to growth and development of the population at the base of the economic pyramid, while ensuring commercial viability of the venture.

Simply put, inclusive innovation means “more from less for more and more people” from excluded regions, sectors, social groups, pursuing traditonal skills, affected by seasonal climatic extremes, and under-served by less sensitive structures of governance. Such innovations meet the hitherto unmet needs of socially disadvantaged communities. 

The information for the same is available on the Website


The Award for winner of GEN Z – Special Award for the Young Indian Innovator (Age group 13-23 years) is Rs 2 Lakhs, in cash/form considered appropriate by the Jury and mentoring/incubation support.

The Award is sponsored by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Foundation and Zee Business (electronic media), DNA (print media), Big FM (radio), DigitalHaathi (digital) and Sristi (Gen Zee Category) are the partners for the Awards project.

You may apply by downloading the applications from

and send your completed entry by email at in prescribed form on or before 15th December, 2017.  Ms. Selby Nambisan (  will be available, as in the past, to provide clarifications/guidance that you may need. 

Call of Proposals/Invitation of Pre-Proposals on “Electrochemical and Optical Imaging Device Technologies”


Department of Science and Technology,

Technology System Development Programme (TSDP)


Invitation of Pre-Proposals on “Electrochemical and Optical Imaging Device Technologies”


The DST is the nodal Government agency for promotion of Science & Technology in project mode in the country.  The TDT Division of the DST through its TSDP has been supporting Technology Development related projects. It proposes to support projects focusing on Product development and Platform creation in the areas of ‘Electrochemical and Optical Imaging Device Technologies’.  In this connection, a discussion meeting cum workshop on the above topics is planned during 29th Feb-2nd March 2016 at Amrita Vishwa Vidyalaya, Coimbatore.  The DST invites from Researchers, the Pre-Proposals with clearly identified objectives and well laid out road map for product development for which the concept has already been demonstrated at the laboratory level.  The accepted Pre- proposals are required to be presented by the Researchers and will be discussed by a group of experts at the meeting to provide feedback to the investigators for further course of action.


The scope of the meeting includes the following and other closely allied themes:

  • Electrochemical  and optical sensing and bio-sensing.
  • Cost effective Medical Imaging:  Micro-modal microscopy, Optical tomography, Hyper spectral imaging, Raman and MRI.
  • Lab-on-a-chip, Microfluidic platform for pathogen sensing, fluorescence sensing for medical diagnostics etc.,
  • Instrumentation with methodology for Surface Plasmon resonance, Surface Plasmon coupled Emission, fluorescence etc., for bio-sensing.
  • Hand-held and Bench-top Instrumentation for electrochemical sensing and bio-sensing, Wearable Bio-medical sensors and Biomedical Optical Imaging systems and associated electronics.

The researcher working in the areas, who may have several interesting ideas relevant to these applications and device development that may be translated into Technology development in project mode may submit pre-proposals for consideration by DST for financial support with a value of Rs. 50:00 Lakh and above. The DST is also willing to support good projects which have the potential for commercialization, if they meet the criterions laid- down by the DST for its Technology System Development Programme (TSDP).  (For further details please see the DST web site: The projects which have Multi-disciplinary, Multi-institutional and has industry partner right from initiation of the project are encouraged.  The general Information and the required format for submission of the projects under Technology systems development programme can be accessed at the above mentioned web site. Travel support and local hospitality will be provided to the selected participants. The template of the presentation will be communicated during second week of February.

A two-page Pre-proposal as per the format enclosed may be submitted, through e-mail on or before 10th February 2016 to:


Dr. Rajeev Sharma
Scientist-D & Member Secretary, PAC on TSDP-DST
Room No: 20, Hall-C,
Department of Science & Technology (DST),
Govt. of India,  Technology Bhawan,
New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi -110 016.
Telephone : 011-26602187, 26590310,

Mobile: 09971888229



Title of the Project Proposed:

Name and address (with email and contact phone number) of the PI and Co-PI

Participating investigators and their Institute(s)

Description of the Project (limit to about 2 pages)


1. Briefly introduce the technology to be developed; its significance and marketability (quarter a page)

2. Existing proof-of-concept or prototype or model (half a page)

3. Technology development objective (a few lines)

4. Schematic representation of the method/design and intended specifications of the technology proposed (half a page)

5. Deliverable with timeline and roadmap: (quarter page)

6. Commercial Potential identifying end users

6. Industry collaboration, if any,

7.  Estimated Budget: (quarter page)


(Manpower, Consumables, Contingencies and Equipment meant only for the execution of project and not for lab infrastructure development which is outside the scope of the committee)


Attached File: Electrochemical and Optical Imaging Device Technologies