Fibonacci Series based Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

Students of National Institute of Technology, Goa(NIT), Deven G. Patanvariya and Kalyan Sundar Kola won the award for a Fibonacci Series based Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna. They carried their project work under the guidance of Dr Anirban Chatterjee.

The project presents a new fractal microstrip antenna, which is derived from the Fibonacci series and Koch snowflake first iteration. The proposed structure has four-fold centrosymmetric about the origin. The symmetry is obtained by implementing a Fibonacci square box followed by etching of Koch snowflake (first iteration) in all the four quadrants of the structure. The overall dimension of the proposed fractal geometry is interrelated with the area of the smallest square box (C1 ) inside the geometry. Therefore, the resonating frequency of a microstrip antenna, based on the proposed design, can be determined by choosing the length of the smallest square box (in mm) inside the fractal geometry.

Moreover, the proposed geometry provides a balance between the etched and un-etched portion in the radiating surface of the patch and thereby capable of providing satisfactory gain as compared to the most commonly available fractal microstrip patch antennas. The proposed fractal can also be an excellent choice to design antennas for Bluetooth, WiMAX, ISM, C, X, Ku, K -band applications, since it can provide very good gain and bandwidth while operating in the corresponding frequencies. The fabricated prototype can directly be used for DSRC application since it satisfies the gain and bandwidth requirement. Moreover, the design of the proposed antenna using three different substrate material of Roger 5880, Neltec (NX9320) and FR-4, satisfy the gain and bandwidth requirements for the DSRC band.

The Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu awarded the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Award to Deven G. Patanvariya and Kalyan Sundar Kola, National Institute of Technology, Goa(NIT) at the GYTI 2019 Awards function held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on July 06, 2019.

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