Navyo – The Smart Glove

Madhav Aggarwal, Mohd. Suhail and Bhavesh Pachnanda, Students of the Delhi Technological University, Delhi were given the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award-2017 for developing a prototype of a Navyo – The Smart Glove under guidance of  Dr. Vikas Rastogi.

In the midst of the fast paced life and era of technology, a blind person is still in state of confusion that how will he/she manage to reach his/her destination. Due to his/her impairment, he/she is unable to find his direction (i.e. from where to take a left or a right turn) and eventually gets lost every now and then. So, another person becomes necessary for guiding him along the path. This makes him/her highly dependent on others for his mobility.

Navyo the smart gloveWith this, not only does he reduce his productivity but also, loses his freedom and confidence to walk alone. So, to cater the aforementioned problem a smart glove that will guide the person turn by turn to reach the destination via vibrations is created. Navyo is accompanied by a mobile App, interface of which is simple and easy to use. User simply needs to speak out the destination in App. Navyo then connects to app via Bluetooth and the person is ready to go. As per the map, when the left turn approaches, the frequency of vibration also starts increasing in left portion of hand indicating left turn and stops when turn is taken. This way by following different vibration patterns at different maneuver points (i.e. right turn, overhead bridges, underpass etc) destination can be reached out easily. In case, user has missed out any vibration instruction on glove, then it can be repeated by simply pressing a button on Navyo. The solution is based on haptic feedback technology which is safe and non-distractive from blind person's point of view. Also, this solution provides the hassle-free way for navigation by allowing user to speak the destination and walk with mobile phone inside pocket/purse etc.

Dr. Francis Gurry Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) honored Madhav Aggarwal, Department of Electronics, Communications & related fields, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, with the prestigious Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Award 2017 at a function held at Rashtrapati Bhawan on March 5.


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