Swayam- Passively Stabilized Communication Satellite

The COEP Satellite Initiative team from College of Engineering, Pune received the award for the project 'Swayam- Passively Stabilized Communication Satellite'. They carried their project work under the guidance of Dr. M. Y. Khaladkar and Dr. B. B. Ahuja.

Swayam is a pico-satellite developed by undergraduate students of College of Engineering, Pune. Swayam is a passively stabilized communication satellite of dimensions 10 X 10 X 11.35 cm and mass 990 g. Swayam was launched by ISRO on 22nd June, 2016 by PSLVC34. Swayam is currently in-orbit and data is being downlinked at COEP ground station and analysed on a regular basis. Student satellites offer a distinct challenge in terms of reliability and interdisciplinary nature of design. To achieve the highest standards of design and fabrication, the project was organized into five constituent subsystems. Attitude control is achieved by a passive magnetic attitude control system to satisfy the space and energy constraints. This system consists of an orthogonal arrangement of magnet and hysteresis rods. Volume, strength and placement of magnetic materials are the major design considerations. A numerical simulation has been developed to conclude the effect of various design parameters on stabilization time and its feasibility for the communication payload. Swayam has a half-duplex communication subsystem. Beam of the antenna is optimized to offer maximum communication link time in conjunction with the available pointing accuracy. To satisfy the power budget of the satellite, the autonomously sent beacon is sent at lesser power than the digital payload data. The power subsystem of the satellite is fully analog capable of functioning independently. Swayam as a template is ideal for carrying low profile payloads which do not require magnetically clean environment. Swayam is also an experiment which shows the cohesive application of passive stabilization for a communication satellite in low power environment.

For this innovation Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education, honored team COEP Satellite Initiative, with the prestigious Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Award 2017 at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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