Techpedia extended support to ET NOW Power of Shunya-Challenge for Zero Series -2014 as Knowledge partner

DuPont, in collaboration with Times Television Network, presents The Power of Shunya™, an exploration of the companies, the minds and the innovations working together to ensure that India can achieve maximum progress with zero negative impact on its people and its environment. “Shunya,” the Hindi word for “zero,” is an ancient idea that once stood for “nothing. During the 1st edition of this program , Techpedia helped as a knowledge partner and mobilized innovations from across the country. During the 1st edition of the program one of GYTI 2013 winner Maumita Bhattacharjee from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi won the coveted award. To take the cooperation ahead Techpedia extended cooperation to ET Now to interact with GYTI 2014 winners during GYTI 2014 award function at IIM-Ahmadabad. During the 2nd edition of this series again Techpedia extended help as an knowledge partner and mobilized innovations from  across the country. Techpedia mobilized more than 300 innovations across sectors for the purpose. Total sixteen team were selected for presenting in the show. The  Curtain Raiser Link can be seen at :  . Honey bee network and Techpedia contributed this program as knowledge partner in taking it to new heights. 


16 teams to present during second edition of the program Power of Shunya-Challenge for Zero Series -2014 :-


1.       Rapid monitoring of surface sterility and food hygiene

2.       SmartCane for the Visually Impaired

3.       Injectable silk fibroin hydro gel for tissue engineering and drug delivery

4.       Flexible Electronic Devices and Displays (ICFEDD) for bio-medical purposes

5.       Preservative to increase shelf-life of milk; useful for diabetics

6.       Biomimicked High Aspect Ratio Hierarchical Superhydrophobic and Antireflective Surfaces

7.       2-D X-ray model to prevent cancerous effect CT scans

8.       Agricultural Paddy Transplanter for Manual Linear Transplantation of Paddy Crops

9.       Ultra Low Cost Tunable Nano Scale Patterns

10.     A paper-pencil based self-pumping and self-breathing fuel cell

11.     A technology for remediation of textile waste waters

12.     Nano Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Within 1000 Rupees (A PAPER PLANE UAV)

13.     Microfluidic Immunosensor

14.     Wireless communication, Monitoring and security system Embedded Safety Helmet

15.     Micro Cold Storage

16.     Paddy Grader and Disease Finder Using Image

Please Click here for detailed video -> Power of Shunya

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