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Auto Compression Sprayer
Logo/Image: Auto Compression Sprayer.jpg
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Arvindbhai Patel
Agri Device/Farm Machineries/Food Processing
Tag : Auto Compression Sprayer
The sprayer utilizes the ergonomic jerk experienced by a person while walking to generate pressure which operates the sprayer. The spring and dead weight act as an actuator for generating pressure inside the pump and thus spraying is done without any manual strokes required for operation. There is tremendous savings in manual energy while spraying due to which the productivity of spraying increases. The innovator of the Auto Compression sprayer is Sh. Arvindbhai Patel, who is a serial innovator. He has invented many other devices like the Natural Water Cooler and Auto Air Kick Pump. He has studied up to Class Xth and had enrolled for an ITI Course, but he dropped out midway. Arvindbhai has also worked for about 5 years as a mechanic in a petrol pump

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