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Battery Operated Tricycle
Logo/Image: Battery Operated Tricycle.jpg
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Asjadbhai Dukka
Understanding the needs of his father for transportation, Asjadbhai came up with this battery operated tricycle. Description : It works with the help of battery, DC Motor (24V and 21 Watt and 1.5Amp) and two gears. It can run on any type of road and sandy terrains and slope also. The vehicle has been customised with low height adjustable push back seats, newspaper and water bottle carrier and a safety lock to prevent backward motion on slopes. Additionally, the side arm support can be lifted up to enable the rider to climb up the seat easily. The vehicle offers a very comfortable ride to the traveller.


Salient Features :
  • Easy to operate, it can be drive by handicapped as well as disable persons.
  • Two-gear system, which gives a uniform speed of 8 km/hr.
  • Battery back up is very high so it can be run 8 hours after full charge.
  • For safety point of view it has reverse brake systems, which only allow this tricycle to move forward only which facilitate run on sloppy surface also.
  • Seat with pushback system, which gives a safe and comfort sitting to handicapped/disable person.
  • Up to three hundred kg weight can be lifted so disable person can take some load with them.

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