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Battery Operated Wheel Chair by Asjadbhai
Logo/Image: Battery Operated Wheel Chair by Asjadbhai.jpg
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Asjadbhai Dukka
This battery operated wheel chair consists of a two 12 Volt battery, DC motor (21 watt and 1.5 A), gears for power transmission and control system for regulating the speed of the motor. It consists of four wheels (2 small front wheels & 2 big rear wheels). The battery and DC motor is mounted on the chassis and is covered by the seat of the vehicle. Innovatorís father has a paralysis effect on the right side of body and therefore can only move his left portion therefore a lever is provided on lest hand side of wheel chair which act as a steering to control the wheel chair. This lever is attached to the left front wheel through the link mechanism. Two buttons provided on the lever facilitates the for forward and reverse movement of wheel chair. The lever is also integrated with the braking lever to stop the wheel chair. A charging plug-in is provided at the front part below the seat for charging the batteries. The on and off switch is also provided on the left hand side and beneath the seat front portion. The user can easily change the direction using one hand. Size : Length : 31", Width : 25", Height : 38" Weight : 35 Kg


Salient Features :
  • The battery operated wheel chair is very simple to operate and user friendly.
  • Weight bearing capacity is 100 kg wt.
  • User friendly system to control the speed.
  • It can be modified to overcome the type of disability.  

About Rs. 25,000/-

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