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Biomass gasification system
Name of user/organization : Shri Rai Singh Dahiya, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Engineering/Biomass gasification system
The system has unique gasification unit and filtering mechanism. Gasifier is compact and surrounded by water jacket. (Feedback of scientists from TERI) Producer gas is cooled by heat exchanger (water jacket) Producer gas is cleaned by a grit filter and a baffle filter (having perforated and non perforated plates/baffles surrounded by local dry grass) Unlike other gasifiers, gas is not scrubbed by water Ideal fuel: Dry wood (upto 30-35 cm long), coconut shell and coconut husk (MC < 20% db) Calorific value of producer gas: 1000 kCal/m3, Composition: CO 21 %, H2 12%, CO2 15% (tested by TERI) .Thermal efficiency: 25% Fuel requirement 1.25-1.5 kg wood/kVA-hr . Looking for: Design optimization for different capacity of biomass gasifier to enable: Easy transportation, Proper selection and utilization of material and easy assembling/dismantling

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I am extremely happy to see an initiative of SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions...
By Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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