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Mobile scooter mounted flour mill
Logo/Image: Mobile scooter mounted flour mill.JPG
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/ Sheikh Jahangir
Everybody can not afford personal flour mill and the services provided by flour mill owners have certain disadvantages. There are always chances that mill owner will blend different quality of flours, there are also likely evidences of unhygienic conditions in which grains are grinded, we suffer standing in a queue etc. Inspired by the scooter mounted painting device developed by innovator previously, he thought to utilize the same idea for developing scooter mounted floor mill. This innovation facilitated him to provide the service at doorsteps of the customers. Hence, the innovation took form of a small flour mill mounted on scooter and powered by the scooter engine. This makes the flour mill mobile and can serve people at their door step. Small flour mill mounted on the back seat of scooter is powered with the help of V-belt and pulley system. The smaller pulley is attached to the crankshaft and a larger pulley is attached to the flourmill. The feed of grain into flourmill and fineness of the flour are controlled in similar manner as conventional one. Its performance can be improved by reducing the frictional losses in the transmission. The present prototype is run by using the petrol but GIAN is exploring the possibility of using LPG through a simple attachment, which could drastically increase performance of scooter-mounted flourmill, and thereby reducing the cost of fuel consumption and ultimately providing the services at lower cost.


Advantages :
  1. Customer gets the services at his doorstep.
  2. Their could be no intermixing of the different quality of grain by the flourmill owner as it is floured in front of consumer.
  3. Generation of employment opportunity

We are open to try out the service entrepreneurship model with interested parties. Those who are willing to endeavor the innovation on experiment followed by further course of action of business development and market enterprising based on outcome of experiment

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