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Scooter mounted washing machin
Logo/Image: scooter operated washing machine.JPG
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Sheikh jahangir
Based on the same principle of flour mill Shaikh Jahangir made the scooter mounted washing machine. The machine will be mounted on the back seat of scooter and will be powered by the scooter engine with the help of V-belt and pulley transmission system. The washing machine have horizontal rotating shaft. There are two cylinders; outer one is used as the body. The inner cylinder which is made of perforated sheet of metal is used to put the cloths for washing. Outer cylinder is used to contain the water. The inside cylinder is attached to the shaft which in turn is powered by the engine through V-belt and pulley transmission system. This washing machine is top loaded but works as front loading washing machine, which helps in saving of power and water as compared to the top loading washing machine. The same cylinder also works as the spinner. For first time cleaning dry cloths capacity of the washing machine is 500 grams and water required is only 2 litres. As part of second cleaning to remove the extra soap lather two to three litres of water is required. Time required for washing cloths is nearly four to five minutes.

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