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Suraksha Tong
Logo/Image: Suraksha_tong.JPG
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Shri Arvindbhai Patel
House hold Application
In everyday life one has to deal with hot plates and vessels regularly, mostly in kitchen. To avoid the high temperature, one either uses some insulators or some sort of gadgets, which are very expensive in the market. Tongs are one of the commonly used gadgets used for these purposes. It is basically a utensil-holding device inevitable in any kitchen, laboratory and mechanical workshop. Tongs available on the market are often clumsy and invariable unsatisfactory for the user. In most of the cases they are unreliable and cause accidents. Shri Arvindbhai Patel took the challenge for designing an innovative tong. He keenly watched the functioning of the common household tongs and discussed the problems with the potential users. From the feedbacks which he obtained about the conventional tongs, he designed a gadget, which is closest to their requirements. Also it is user-friendly and very cheap as compared to the conventional tongs available in the market.


Salient Features :
  • Removal of drudgery: The innovative tong can hold hot utensils in a balanced manner using both the hands, so it removes drudgery of carrying load with one hand.
  • Safety device: There is no chance of falling hot utensil on leg or similar accidents. It also avoids cloth burning and subsequent damages by flame that occurs in conventional practice.
  • Heavy load carrying capacity: The tong can carry 10 - 15 times load whereas to the existing tongs available in the market.
  • Range of use: Wide range of utensils can be held using this adjustable device.
  • Simplicity: The device is very simple and requires near zero maintenance.
    Advantages :
    • Guide ways for proper alignment .
    • Jaws for better gripping.
    • Light weight.
    • No need to worry about the orientation of the tongs, while using
    • Durable and Long life .
    • Two models for different application

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