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Tractor Without Steering
Logo/Image: Tractor Without Steering.jpg
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Bachubhai
Agri Device/Farm Machineries/Food Processing
Rotatory tractor: The tractor operates on a 10 HP stationary engine and consumes around five litres of diesel in around eight hours of work. Steering has been removed and two levers have been put in its place for navigating the vehicle. The levers are connected to the left and right front wheels respectively. The motor powers the rear wheels to which brakes have also been provided. Though not much interested in agriculture, Bachubhai had still observed that to turn bullocks in a particular direction, the rope tied to the mouth of the bullock had to be pulled inward in the same direction. He used the same logic in his tractor. The accelerator is near the engine and is in the form of a handle, the position of which determines the acceleration speed. The two levers operate the clutch and the brake (the mechanism of which is unclear as it has not been disclosed. Probably the innovation lies in this assembly that operates both the brakes and clutch). In normal vertical position (90 degree to the ground) both, the brakes and clutch, are free. Pushing the lever in front perhaps releases the clutch and accelerates the wheel while pulling it back puts the brakes on. To turn the vehicle say for example to the left, the left lever is pulled in and the right lever is pushed in front. As a result, the front wheels turn towards left, the left rear wheel is prevented from moving while the right one moves resulting it the vehicle turning in 360 degrees to the left. The front wheels that can turn close to 90 degrees help the vehicle to rotate in a circle. The tractor has four gears, three for the front movement and one reverse. In the first version, the gear box was not present and chain was used to transmit the power from engine to the rear wheel. Later Bachubhai thought that he had to bring the tractor from his home to the field, some one and a half kilometers away; he should put a gear box so that the load on the engine may be reduced and speed increased, as normal driving requires less effort than doing agricultural operations.

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