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Wind Mill
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Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Mehtar Hussain and Mustaq Ahemad
Engineering / Energy Technology
Alstom Foundation, France joins hands with GIAN for low cost wind mill project In its endeavour to help Agariyas (salt farmers) of Little Rann of Kachchh, by diffusing grassroots innovation of low cost wind mill originally developed by Mehtar Hussian and Mushtak Ahmed of Assam, Alstom Foundation, France approved financial support for installation of 50 wind mills in the first phase. GIAN West is in the process of technology assessments through Alstom Wind experts. Website : Availability of interrupted and limited power supply for irrigation is bigger problems than availability of irrigation water in rural areas of India. In the salt farming area of little runn of Kutchh, power supplies is not available and therefore traditionally farmers are using diesel engine to lift water from the tube well or open well.


Use of wind turbine is one of the oldest methods of harnessing energy from wind to pump water. Md. Mehtar D Hussain and his brother from Sipajhar area of Assam have designed a very simple, low cost and unique design of wind mill for lifting ground water for irrigation purpose. It has great potential for large scale use in the salt farming areas for lifting brine. It is a very cheap and efficient way of supplying brine to the salt pans compared to the conventional use of diesel engines coupled with pump. On an average, for producing about 1000 tons of salt the farmer spends about Rs One Lakh, of which about Rs. 60,000 is spent on fuel (diesel) alone. After doing so much of hard work under tiring conditions what they get in the end is nothing compared to the labor they put in.

The main components of this windmill are tower structure, turbine blades with tail and a crank mechanism for converting the rotary motion into reciprocating motion. A simple mechanism is used to make the windmill multi directional. This multi-directional rotating frame carries the blades, shaft and crank mechanism. Crank mechanism with the rod is connected to the pumping cylinder at the bore. Turbine blades are made of light weight material and are given the proper angle so that the higher wind power can be harnessed and there by can pump the water from greater depth. Provision is made to protect the wind mill at the time of higher wind speed through which wind mill can easily be tilted down by unwinding the rope wire from the drum so that a pole hinged at the bottom will start to come down and will stop at the support provided at 45 degree.  This mechanism will facilitate the installing and dismantling the wind mill blades.

The water discharge capacity is about 1200 - 1500 lit / hr at wind speed of 8 - 0  km / hr. The performance may decrease while lifting water from depth more than 50 ft. It can be fitted to a tube well or open well, it meets the needs of light irrigation and potable water too.

Advantages :
  • A tilting mechanism facility is provided to tilt and lower the wind mill easily through wire rope at a safe position in adverse situation. 
  • Stroke length can be adjusted through crank mechanism. Simple crank arrangement does not require any major and expensive maintenance.
  • It is an environment friendly product with low initial cost and zero operating cost.
  • Earn more profit for the salt farmers and contribute to environment protection also.

The technology is protected by patent. The promotion of the windmill as non-renewable source of energy has great relevance in today’s energy crisis.  We need the support of interested individuals / entrepreneurs / organizations in building a total value chain for promoting this useful innovation in order to diffuse this technology to the real end users.

IPR Status :

Patent application filed in india. No.1367/KOL/2008.dated 14/08/2008

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