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Wind Mill Operated Power Generator
Logo/Image: Wind Mill Operated Power Generator.jpg
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Dineshbhai Ashodia
Engineering / Energy Technology
Wind mills generally are not helpful in generating electricity when the velocity of the air reduces below a certain level. A possible solution has been developed by Dineshbhai in his magneto type generator, which works particularly well in winds with low cutting speed. The output of the generator is also independent of the variations in the wind speed and is constant.


Salient Features :
  • Reduction in the Cut-in speed (the speed at which the generator starts producing the energy) of the generator.
  • Simple in design and operation makes the device easy to maintain.
  • Very suitable to generate electricity for the rural areas.
  • Don’t consume any power like coal, petrol, etc.
  • Cent percent environment friendly.
  • The AC power produced can be converted into DC power and stored in the inverter and can be used during absence of power supply.
IPR Status :

Patent granted in USA & Patent no US7382074 B2.Patent applied in india,Patent Application No.1817/Mum/2006.

Current Status :

The project is in the optimization stage. Optimization is to be carried out in the following aspects- : 1. Mechanical efficiency (Inertia and Frictional losses to be minimized). 2. Electro-magnetic efficiency. 3. Wind power efficiency.

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