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1. Optimisation Of Process Parameters Used In Welding For Axle Housing
  Student/ Team Members : Shashank K. Bharadwaj
  Guide By : Rahul M. Cadambi and Raja Hussain
  Optimization has an important role in the industries today as each and every industry aim for reducing cost of their process. The aim of the project is to reduce the welding cost of axle housing by op
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2. Comparative Analysis And Optimisation Of Machining Parameters On Boring Bars For Minimum Vibrations
  Student/ Team Members : Lloyd Chrisostmus
  Guide By : Raja Hussain and N. S. Mahesh
  Vibrations are inevitable and undesirable for structures in order to achieve stability, durability, performance and quality. Reduction in vibrations can be achieved by increasing the damping ratio or
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3. Casting Yield Improvement And Reduction Of Defects In Copper Casting Using Numerical Simulation
  Student/ Team Members : Adrian Peter Pereira
  Guide By : K. N. Ganapathi and Raja Hussain
  Casting quality is critically affected by solidification pattern and flow of molten metal depending on casting methods followed and material used in the process of manufacturing. The quality of castin
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4. Improvement Of Mechanical Properties And Yield For Aluminium Bronze Ab2 Casting
  Student/ Team Members : B. Shanmuga Raja
  Guide By : N. S. Mahesh
  Aluminium bronze (AB2) offers combinational benefits of excellent cavitation, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, making it ideal choice for hydraulic and marine applications. A foundry ma
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5. Optimization Of Cutting Parameters For Hard Machining Of Superalloy Through Process Modelling
  Student/ Team Members : B. Chennakeshava
  Guide By : Raja Hussain
  To study numerical simulation for hard turning of nickel based superalloy - Inconel 718 and to optimize the cutting parameter. The numerical model was done in Abaqus/CAE V6.10 to examine the cutting f
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6. Process Modelling Simulation And Experimental Validation For Prediction Of Chip Morphology During High Speed Machining Of Al 2024-t3
  Student/ Team Members : Arvind Jeevannavar
  Guide By : Raja Hussain
  Metal cutting is one of the most widely used manufacturing techniques in the industry and there are lots of studies to investigate this complex process in both academic and industrial world. Predictio
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7. Design And Development Of Integrated Goniometer And Hand Rehabilitator For Elbow And Fingers Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
  Student/ Team Members : Christopher Samraj
  Guide By : Preetham Shankpal and R. Hariharan
  Many patients experience hand dysfunction due to neurological and orthopedic injury and diseases like stroke, muscle weakness and fractures. Mechanical methods and automated methods are used to overco
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8. Development Of Blood Cell Counting Algorithm
  Student/ Team Members : Vilas B. Inchur
  Guide By : Preetham Shankpal and L. S. Praveen
  Blood is a connective tissue with cellular components like RBC, WBC and platelets. If the blood cells are beyond or below a standard range it leads to disorders and hence blood cell counting is of gre
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9. Design Of Helicopter Main Rotor Flexible Shaft With Hybrid Construction
  Student/ Team Members : R. N. Santhosh
  Guide By : S. Srikari and M. L. J. Suman
  Helicopter is rotary wing aircraft, which is propelled by engine and lift is generated by the rotating blades. Torque transmission from gear box should be effective and plays important role in helicop
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10. Development Of Design Methodology For Hybrid Metal-composite Aircraft Drag Strut
  Student/ Team Members : V. K. Santhosh
  Guide By : B. V. Vijay
  Composites have many advantages over metals like, better global strength characteristics, higher stiffness, longer fatigue life, lower density, low thermal conductivity, better wear resistance, improv
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11. Design Of Weight Efficient Quadcopter Structure
  Student/ Team Members : K. Sudheer
  Guide By : Vinod K. Banthia and Pathan Ramjan Rashid
  Multicopters are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles capable of vertical take-off and landing. Thrust and lift both provided by the same propellers, but mechanism is much simpler than helicopters because of two
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12. Numerical Investigation On Strip Distortion Simulator For Generating Gas Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion Patterns
  Student/ Team Members : M. Saleem Yusoof
  Guide By : M. D. Deshpande and M. Sivapragasam
  Engine inlet distortion creates great impact on the performance of the aircraft gas turbine engine. Study on the changes in performance of the engine due to distortion flow is essential and it require
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13. Structural Design Of Wing For Long Endurance Surveillance Plane
  Student/ Team Members : Ch. Mahesh Kumar
  Guide By : H. K. Narahari and Pathan Ramjan Rashid
  Wing which is the main lifting surface in aircraft is a complex arrangement of different structural members like wing spar, ribs and stringers. Designing the aircraft wing involves determining the loa
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14. Evaluation Of Main Landing Gear Strut With Metal Matrix Composite
  Student/ Team Members : AN. Muthunagappan
  Guide By : S. Srikari, Vinod K. Banthia and S. Subbaramu
  Aircraft structures with high strength to weight ratio give advantages like less fuel consumption, increased payload, flight range and endurance, and reduced runway length. Developments in new advance
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15. Design And Development Of An Nfc Based Automobile Access And Profile Management System
  Student/ Team Members : Kiran R. Sekhar
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina
  Today automobiles are evolving with different features and functionalities in fields such as safety, security, performance, comfort etc. When considering the automotive access control systems, most of
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16. Design And Development Of Oem Independent Remote Vehicle Diagnostic System
  Student/ Team Members : Prashant P. Gudi
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina and V. Deepak
  Usage of embedded systems in vehicles has enhanced the safety and comfort in modern day vehicles. The advent of OBD I and OBD II in the automotive industry have enhanced vehicle diagnostics further re
  Kho-Kho :    

17. Design And Development Of An Automobile Clutch-by- Wire Control System
  Student/ Team Members : S. Nagaraj
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina and S. N. Nagananda
  Automotive electronics is one of the fastest growing sectors. Due to the exponential development in automotive electronics efforts are being undertaken to make automobile safe and comfortable, with a
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18. Design And Development Of An Access System For A Car Using Bluetooth And Face Recognition
  Student/ Team Members : A. Shailendra
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina and S. N. Nagananda
  Sophisticated keyless entry systems provide increased security and convenience. Keyless entry systems could overcome key guessing attack and statistics attack. Cost is a major hindrance when it comes
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19. Design And Development Of An Evidence Collection Black Box For Automobiles
  Student/ Team Members : K. R. Nithin
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina and V. Deepak
  As the number of on-road vehicles rises, there is a proportionate increase in the accidents. Black Box technology is a tried and tested technology used in the aircrafts in order to detect the cause of
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20. Design And Development Of Lean Burn Fuel Efficient Engine Management System For A Single Cylinder Lpg Engine
  Student/ Team Members : R. H. Hanamant
  Guide By : Ashok C. Meti
  A clean and economic fuel injection system for Three Wheelers is very much needed for emission control and fuel consumption reduction point of view. An Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system coupled w
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21. Design And Development Of A Configurable Intelligent Battery Sensor For Different Vehicles And Battery Chemistries
  Student/ Team Members : R. Rajeshkumar
  Guide By : Ashok C. Meti
  To develop the battery algorithms SOC, SOH and SOF configurable for battery chemistry and vehicle configuration, studied common parameters which are same over the battery chemistry and vehicle confi
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22. Design And Development Of A Controller For Fuel Economy Improvement Based On Engine Rpm And Temperature
  Student/ Team Members : S. Mathapati Rajshekhar
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina
  In current global situation on availability of Diesel is an issue, so saving of this fuel should be controlled by increasing the FE of an Automotive engines. There were various types of controllers fo
  Kho-Kho :    

23. Design And Development Of Prognostics For In-vehicle Health Management
  Student/ Team Members : Prakash U. Jagtap
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina
  In most of the automotive systems, failure detection happened after error generation and further check engine lamp will be activated. Since this failure information cannot be accessed without a scan t
  Kho-Kho :    

24. Design And Development Of A Battery Charging System For Passenger Car Using Thermo Electric Generator Teg Based Heat Recovery
  Student/ Team Members : Vivek S. Joshi
  Guide By : N. D. Gangadhar
  A major part of the energy generated in an internal combustion engine is not realised as work output, but sent into the atmosphere as waste heat. The overall efficiency of an engine can be improved by
  Kho-Kho :    

25. Design And Development Of Smart Power Junction Box For Passenger Vehicles
  Student/ Team Members : Deshmukh Atul Govind
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina
  The use of semiconductor devices in automotive domain is increasing exponentially. The electrical power distribution is one of the upcoming areas. The electrical power distribution system in a vehicle
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26. Design And Development Of Electrical Power Steering System Meeting Functional Safety Standard Iso 26262
  Student/ Team Members : J. M. Subhedar
  Guide By : Z. Tracy Austina
  The work describes a microcontroller architecture fulfilling the requirements for the new Functional Safety standard ISO 26262 for the Electrical Power Steering system for a passenger car. The new saf
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27. Evaluation Of Handling Characteristics Of An Intercity Bus By Multi-body Dynamic Simulations
  Student/ Team Members : S. Santosh
  Guide By : M. H. Monish Gowda and V. Hima Kiran Vithal
  Vehicle dynamics is the study of response of the vehicle to driver's input. Various parameters like location of center of gravity (CG), suspension spring stiffness, wheel alignment parameters determin
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28. Design Of A 3-point Safety Belt System For Enhanced Safety Of Bus Passengers
  Student/ Team Members : Mazhar Habib Mala
  Guide By : Vinod K. Banthia and V. Hima Kiran Vithal
  Traffic Safety Facts compilation by NHTSA reports that between 1999 and 2003, an average of 40 fatalities and 18,430 injuries of bus occupants occurred per year. Occupant ejection was the reason for 2
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29. Design Analysis And Simulation Of Low Aspect Ratio Tyres Non-pneumatic For Passenger Cars
  Student/ Team Members : Prabhat Kumar Mishra
  Guide By : M. H. Monish Gowda and V. Hima Kiran Vithal
  The development of pneumatic tyre technology has improved drastically over years, which have improved quality and performance of tyres. There are still some inherent disadvantages such as sudden loss
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30. Effect Of Automotive Glazing Materials On Thermal Comfort Of Passengers Inside The Car Cabin Using Cfd Simulations
  Student/ Team Members : V. J. Pruthvi
  Guide By : S. Umesh and Ananthesha
  Thermal comfort inside passenger cars is one of the important aspects in automotive interior design. The influence of aerodynamics has completely changed the exterior shape of automobiles. In order to
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