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05 Mar,2016 : Inviting partners for adding : Value to Grassroots Innovation (engineering)

National Innovation Foundation-India (NIF) is looking for potential partners (individual engineers and designers /organizations) for undertaking value addition work in grassroots innovations, so as to convert these into marketable products by improving design, enhancing efficiency, improving safety, reducing cost without compromising on performance, etc.

The interested parties (individuals/organizations) may send their letter of intent along with the professional profile including expertise, brief of successful projects undertaken in the last three years, etc. along with name of technology(s) of interest to NIF will only get back to individuals/ organisations with proven track record of demonstrable work in the field. A non-disclosure agreement will have to be signed by the party whom NIF decides to engage with for the said work before any technical details are forwarded. Once the details have been received, the party will then send a detailed proposal including clear scope of work, methodology, deliverables, features of deliverables, timelines, cost, etc. to the email latest by 20th of March, 2016. The proposals will be reviewed thoroughly before processing for approval.It is to be noted that the grassroots innovations are the intellectual property of the respective grassroots innovators and in most cases patents have been filed in the name of the innovators. Under any circumstances, the party(ies) engaged by NIF for value-addition work or those not selected, cannot publish/present any shared work as their own, or apply for patent or share with any third party. The list of innovations for which proposal are invited is given below

Sl No. Innovation Innovator State
1. Washing cum Exercise Machine Remya Jose Kerala
2. Manual paddy transplanter for suiting Indian conditions Photo Singh and Ranjeet Mirig Uttar Pradesh and Odiha
3. Ceiling Cooler Gopal Salooja Haryana
4. Onion and garlic harvester Shravankumar Laxmanramji Bajiya Rajasthan
5. Cotton Ball Picking Machine Nattubhai R Wadher Gujarat
6. tree pruner (Self-propelled machine or suitable for small size tractors to be developed) Gurmail Singh Dhonshi Rajasthan
7. Tractor mounted combine harvester Rajpal Singh Narvariya Madhya Pradesh
8. Foot operated manual page turning machine Swapnil Talukdar Assam
9. Bicycle based /manual road cleaner Riya Kothari and team Delhi
10. Foot operated smart door Jayprakash B Rathava and TanmayTakale Gujarat and Maharashtra
11. solar pulse thresher Dipankar Das Andaman & Nicobar
12. Pebble indicating system for cooking vessel Mohammad Tawseef Thokar Jammu & Kashmir
13. Printed paper reclaiming machine Aravind Gopalakrishnan Tamil Nadu
14. Wheel chair convertible to crutches S Ramakishore, Sanjay Srinivas, Tamil Selvan Tamil Nadu
15. Ultra Model Dustbin- Super Stocker 3 C Priyanka Mathikshara Tamil Nadu

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