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27 Mar,2018 : Uttarakhand Engineering Student Wins Gandhian Award For Developing 'Black Box' For Cars

Archit Agarwal, an engineering student of UPES, has bagged the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award 2018 at the recently held Festival of Innovations (FOIN) at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. Archit was chosen for this award under the ‘Most Innovative Product' category for his creation called 'On Board Diagnostic Data Analysis System - OBDAS' developed for the automobile industry.

OBDAS is based upon data interpretation and diagnostic of a vehicle through on-board diagnostic system. Through this breakthrough plug-in technology automobile and auto insurance companies will be able to track real-time data of a car from the dedicated embedded system which can further be used in system diagnostics and performance evaluation of the car.

It can be used by automobile companies to track customers' car performance on real time and provide them car maintenance service. At the same time, auto insurance companies can use the system to obtain real time telematics about history of the customer's car and take accurate decisions on insurance policies. It also has an in-built anti-theft and surveillance functionality.

“To be at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and receiving this prestigious award in the presence of our President for my technological innovation was an overwhelming experience for me. The competition was extremely challenging with close to 13,000 projects from over 500 colleges across India. OBDAS is a low-cost universal solution for vehicles and it's many benefits include sending location of the vehicle in case of an accident to emergency services that may prevent deaths due to vehicular accidents,” he said on winning the award.

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