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Meta-morphic Computer Virus Detection Technique

Taken by :  Patel Smit Rajeshbhai, Bhinde Vinay Nitinbhai, Patel Chirag Jayantilal.
Guide By: Dr. Ramji Makwana
College :  ADIT, V.V.Nagar         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: EITL, ELECON
IDP/UDP Field: Security
Abstract: Develop an effective metamorphic virus detection technique based on Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
Tag: Security


Taken by :  Shruti Patel, Monica Maru.
Guide By: Ms. Ishita Theba
College :  ADIT, V.V.Nagar         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: Elecon Pvt. Ltd
IDP/UDP Field: IT Industries
Abstract: Manage,Share and Collaborate the document
Tag: IT Industries

Metro App Portal For Hospital

Taken by :  Brahmbhatt Spandan, Patel Monika, Patel Dharmik.
Guide By: Soniya Hingu
College :  ADIT, V.V.Nagar         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: Gandhinagar General Civil Hospital
IDP/UDP Field: IT Industry
Abstract: To develop software that can help the Hospital in reducing the paper usage thereby helping it on ecological conservation.
Tag: IT Industry

Dynamic Reporting Engine

Taken by :  Thacker Bansari KishorBhai, Bhatt Nisarg GirishBhai, Thakker Puneet Hemant.
Guide By: Kinjal Joshi
College :  ADIT, V.V.Nagar         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: DigiCorp Information Systems Private Limited
IDP/UDP Field: Dynamic Reporting Engine
Abstract: To develop a framework that provides an enviornment to generate reports, to fetch values from database fields using databse generic html tags,and to use HTML tags to generate reports.Report will be visible and filled with the data as per the designed format.
Tag: Dynamic Reporting Engine

Management Client For Mongodb

Taken by :  Lohiya Ritika
Guide By: Sanjay Bhanderi
College :  ADIT, V.V.Nagar         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: cerebrata software pvt. Ltd
IDP/UDP Field: Management Client For MongoDB
Abstract: The objective of this application is to facilitate the mongo users with fast and interactive user interface to store and manage large number of data.
Tag: Management Client For MongoDB

Sound Mixer Meditation System

Taken by :  Nirav Patel, Tejas Modi, V.Pattabi Raman.
College :  ADIT, V.V.Nagar         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: Krish Compusofts Services Pvt. Ltd.
IDP/UDP Field: Android & Web Content Management System (CMS)
Abstract: This system is one type of music player but with some new extra features.this system is for android phone.
Tag: Android & Web Content Management System (CMS)

Ac Mail Server

Taken by :  Chandni Modi, Arpita Patel
Guide By: Ms. Bhumika Bhatt
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: AC Mail server is a collection of applications that provide the functionality to manage the tasks of sending and receiving of e-mail, and delivering e-mail to user's mailboxes. AC Mail server uses a number of different protocols to transfer e-mail from one system to other. AC Mail server is very easy to setup and configure, you could make your mail server ready within several minutes. Mail Server gives your organization the tools that it needs to succeed and you can be up and running in minutes. Easily understood interface, less spam mails, email monitoring, multiple recipients with a single address, and multi language support now that's a mail server that means business! AC Mail Server supports the open email standards POP3, SMTP and IMAP4. This makes the server compatible with most email clients available. Mail Server supports Microsoft SQL server and MySQL.It is easy to set up a number of mailboxes and allocate different storage size to different mailboxes. Furthermore, Mail Server is totally under your control. You won't lose email or give email away. It is convenient, quick, and safe. AC Mail Server supports almost all the popular client software. It provides complete web Mail function, which includes operation of Inbox, outbox, My Favorite, signature, and receiving POP3 mails. Users can sign up mailbox, change password via browser.

All Inclusive Customised Mail Application Using Android

Taken by :  Sumit Dekavadiya, Rima Kansagara
Guide By: Prashant Mehta
College :  B. H. GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, KALAWAD         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: B H Gardi College of engg & tech
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Modern hand held devices such as smart phones and PDAs have become increasingly powerful in recent years. Dramatic breakthroughs in processing power along with the number of extra features included in these devices have opened the doors to a wide range of commercial possibilities. In particular, most cell phones regularly include cameras, processors comparable to PCs and internet access. However, even with all these added abilities, there are few applications that allow passing of the environmental information and location based services. As mobile devices become more like PCs, they will come to replace objects we tend to carry around such as check books, credit cards, cameras, planners, mp3 players, etc. In short, we will be using them to accomplish our daily tasks. One application that falls into this category is the All Inclusive Customised Mail Application developed for the Google Android Phones. The prime objective of this application is to provide user with less complex and easy to handle mail provider. User can access all his/her different mail accounts at one login only. This makes the work of user easy by not referring all the accounts individually and saves time. The Project is developed in Java Programming Language by using the Eclipse Helios Integrated Development Environment (IDE). We use the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) which includes a variety of custom tools that help us developing mobile applications on the Android platform. The most important of these are the Android Emulator and the Android Development Tools (ADT) plug-in for Eclipse.

Alumni Association System

Taken by :  Domadiya Nidhi L.
Guide By: Prashant Maheta
College :  B. H. GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, KALAWAD         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: B.H.Gardi College of Engg. & Tech.
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: The alumni association system deals with the careerof engineering students after they have finished their education and left the engineering academy. The system offers alumni a way to stay in touch with classmates, professors and friends from other graduation years. The Alumni system brings classmates together by providing one place where they can exchange information and ideas and stay connected with each other and with their institute.It examines how graduates of engineering academies manage to integrate into professional life and what problems they face on the job market. Online alumni association system consists of mainly two types of users administrator and alumni members. This system is designed to allow alums to fill out a survey form, create a new database entry, update an existing database entry, or contact another alumn.The system gives authority for the uploading any announcements , event schedules, authentication for new registrations etc.

Android Application - 'deals For Me'

Taken by :  Doshi Krunalkumar Balkrushna, Jain Nayan Sushilkumar
Guide By: Amit Chauhan
College :  BABARIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, VADODARA         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: NetWeb Software Pvt. Ltd.
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: This is an app for Android phones which tells users what all attractive offers have been put up at nearby restaurants, shopping malls, etc. The project is in 2 PARTS. ONE is a WEB APP where the entertainment centers are required to register initially. Then they need to regularly insert the info about the special deals they provide, into a database through the web app. THE OTHER part is an ANDROID APP that reads this data and shows it to users on the move (in integration with Google maps).

Assets Maintenance System

Taken by :  Patel Rohan Sanjaybhai, Patel Mayan c
Guide By: Purnima Singh
Industry Name: E-cube india solution L.T.D.
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Assets Maintenance System (AMS) suite and addresses the comprehensive and routine asset maintenance requirements of asset owning organizations. Using AMS, organizations can efficiently maintain equipment, facilities, and mobile assets. To measure performance and optimize maintenance operations, all maintenance costs and work history are tracked at the asset level. Asset maintenance system will track all the records of assets of the Products that are asset of the ANY ORGANIZATION. Which product or part of product part is issued to whom and when, what is the current location of the specific product, issue authority, complaints against the products, the priority of repairing or replacing the products, receiving back products from person / department / others, movement history of the product, all these records should be maintained. Maintaining master data of product and its movement history and current location of the product is the main aspect of the system.

Audio Messaging

Taken by :  Ankit P. Navik, Dhaval K. Lad, Shashank N. Tandel
Guide By: Disha Goradia
Industry Name: Xerces Technologies PVT. LTD.
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Developing Audio Messaging application to promote android platform into greater number of users into the field of mobile operating systems. It conveniently uses phonebook to fetch contact list. It can send same audio message to multiple users at same time. It can send multimedia messages free of cost through internet connectivity like 3G, GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Edge. It provides audio as well as text based messaging facilities with most friendly user interface on Android operating system based mobile devices. It fetches the identity of Android based mobile devices to provide better security. Audio messaging is free to communicate. Audio and text message can send to anyone, anywhere at any time and it also shows the path between users.

Automated Result Generation Sytem For Calibration Of Instruments & Testing

Taken by :  Mittul Desai
Guide By: Prashant Maheta
College :  B. H. GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, KALAWAD         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: Krishna Instruments
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Calibration is a comparison between measurements – one of known magnitude or correctness made or set with one device and another measurement made in as similar a way as possible with a second device. A Calibration Instrument is used to measure the accuracy of other instruments. We are using an instrument named MECO 90P. This Instrument can be connected to a computer system using serial communication port (RS232). My project is basically a test report generation system that communicates with this instrument and creates a test report. The test results are carried out manually and that means human errors cannot be avoided. To avoid these errors, there is a need of an automated system that can be used to test and calibrate the instrument without human intervention. The requirement from the software is a complete calibration solution for any measuring instrument that includes • Testing the ‘System under test’ at various levels • Communicating the Actual reading & Test results • Calculating the Graphs & required output designs • Presenting them to the user in an understandable form

Automobile Showroom Management System

Industry Name: Mahalaxmi Bajaj
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: ABSTRACT Our project describes the capabilities that will be provided by the software application “Automobile showroom management system”. It is a system to manage the sales and service of an automobile organization. This software is a medium to manage the information of new vehicle and provide the service by which user of the system can select the vehicle of his/her choice and know every important detail about the vehicle which he want to purchase from organization. This software is user friendly just because for its easy to operate option which is beneficial for those who sale and service station and for the customer who want to buy the vehicle and take the necessary information of the vehicle. Its provide various facility as generating bill, reports, previously services details if it comes previously in the organization. It provide a much more comfortable and homely environment to customers.

Billing Software

Taken by :  Pratima Singh, Dave Dishita A.
Guide By: Urvisha Patel
Industry Name: S M Techno
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Billing Software is a complete sales and distribution software exclusively designed for wholesale distributors and traders. It supports multi-user, multi-company formats and comes integrated with accounts. It manages all aspects of wholesale operations quickly and accurately. The below is the partial listing of the features available in product as lots of features are getting added in product in every release. This software helps us in many ways:: Significant improvements in reduction of customer sales transaction time. Helps you do more transactions per counter thus reducing the number of checkout counters and the hardware investment. Accurate recording of all inventory transactions lead to better inventory management and increases service levels by preventing lost sales opportunities. Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification to suit your business needs. Such inventory classification can be specific to each department. Comprehensive security module helps to have control all the gadgets.

Bio-metric Based Attendance System

College :  B. H. GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, KALAWAD         Branch:  Computer Engg.
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: My project is Bio-metric based attendance system which takes attendance of students automatically through their fingerprints so no proxy will be there.and it will generate automatically various type of attendance report.

Bluetooth Controlled Car

Taken by :  Jatin Anilkumar Saraiya, Darshika Vinodbhai Patel, Darshana Pravinbhai Patel
Guide By: Komal Sitapara
College :  KANKESHWARIDEVI INST OF TECHNOLOGY, JAMNAGAR         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: TRIACS
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Bluetooth Controlled car is an embedded project which includes hardware development as well as software development. The project is to develop a robotic car operated via Bluetooth of PC or an Android phone. The PC application is developed using VB6 and additional OCXs. Whereas Android application is developed for Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread).

Bus Set Top Box(lcd Tv.) Based On Linux For Customized Content Using Upnp Client-server (use In G.s.r.t.c Bus)

Taken by :  bhavesh korat
Guide By: Prashant Mehta
College :  B. H. GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, KALAWAD         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: canux system
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Now a days there are lots of people who travel in the local buses. During the long distance journey they get bored sitting in the bus. So it would be convenient for them if there is any entertainment or some thing by which they can enjoy their journey. So to solve this problem we are providing a Lcd setup box in each bus which will provide live news and live sensex. Along with this, the promos of the movies and videos/music are also shown. Advertisements are also shown, so that the people would get idea of the latest products and services. In India the people are very fond of cricket matches. This system will provide the live match score. In the metro cities the climatic conditions will be different in different places along with that the traffic would also the different. The Lcd screen will display the weather conditions and the traffic level at different places of the city. Some additional facility is added which will provide the daily Horoscope. Incase if there is some emergency like there may be the accident of the bus, so for this the emergency number is given in the screen. This system is based on the Linux operating system and c/c++ programming. This system is connected with the unique server with the high speed TATA PHOTON internet. Each bus is provided with the unique id, so that if there is any problem in the system then it would be captured by the server. Server gives the live log of the buses and that particular fault will be solved. Also for solving the problem there is also an another facility that the sms will be sent to the administrator which contains the problem description and the bus id if the Lcd system has some problems Administrator can manage broadcast terminal, authentication terminal, log terminal from single server only. Single server can manage all the tasks with multi display unit. Single administrator can manage advertisement & programs database ,broadcast from server,log control& maintenance panel.

Call Management System

Taken by :  Bhavsar Shreya Satishkumar, Gajjar Kinjal Mukeshkumar
Guide By: Mayur k. patel
College :  L. C. INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. BHANDU         Branch:  Computer Engg.
Industry Name: BLUEMAX System
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: • Call Management System (CMS) is a complain handling application designed for enterprises that receive the complains from its customers regarding to the purchased product. • In existence system detail of customers are collected on paper which is very tedious work. • If the detail of any customer are misplaced or lost from company records due to some naturals calamities or some other problem then it is very difficult for company to identify customer and vice versa. • CMS maintain a record of all the customers detail and their complains. • When Customer first time purchase the product, an auto generated unique id i.e. Customer ID is given to the customer. After that whenever customer come for purchase the product, the company employee has to just search the record by using its customer id or customer name for identifying that a customer is exist or not. • When customer complain first time for the product, an auto generated unique id i.e. Complain ID is given to a customer and after that, if customer want to know the status of a complain, the company employee enter complain id and give the status. An employee can change the status of complain by entering a complain id or customer name & then search. • Accurate report can be generated like customer, employee, complain and customer history record. • Distribution of complains among employee(s) are based on call area. • This system is totally a desktop application and is developed in .NET framework using C# language.

Canteen Management System

Taken by :  Hiteshkumar Rameshbhai Umaletiya, MAKASANA ARYAKUMAR KANTILAL
Guide By: Prashant D. Maheta
College :  B. H. GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, KALAWAD         Branch:  Computer Engg.
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: A project report on Industry Define Problem entitled ‘Canteen Management System’, it gives all the information regarding to this application to the user. It includes various aspect of the application like: User Management System Online Menu Management System Online Order Facility Any new person can interact with this application in the conceived manner after through this project. This report describes our group’s implementation of Canteen Management System. We used the MS SQL Server 2008 to design the database that we store and organized the event’s data. The System keep track of Normal User Amount of user Ordered Records Involving the Customer It will be a matter immense pleasure for us if you can get all the necessity phase of this application through this report and also if this application helps you in your needs. Any error, omission and commission are heartily regretted.

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