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Asset Tracking System, .net

Guide By: MR.Pratik Modi
College :  LDRP, Gandhinagar         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: BISAG
IDP/UDP Field: Asset Tracking System, .Net
Abstract: This project is aboutcreating and managing a data repository of the inventory pertaining to th hardware and software of IT organization.
Tag: Asset Tracking System, .Net


Guide By: Mr. Sanjay Patel
College :  LDRP, Gandhinagar         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: BISAG
Abstract: This project contain the information about crime. It contain and help to find missing people, FIR,personal information, reporting..

Stock Market Application

Guide By: Mr. Mehul Barot
College :  LDRP, Gandhinagar         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Elecon information tech ltd
Abstract: To buy and sell any stock online.
Tag: JSP

Get Lands Of Liking(real Estate)

Guide By: Mr.Snehal parmar
College :  LDRP, Gandhinagar         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: BISAG
IDP/UDP Field: php,MySql,Dreamviewer,css,html,jqueary,javascript.
Abstract: Web applications are used to analyse choices just at home. Ours is also to get all available choices &buy perfect one.
Tag: php,MySql,Dreamviewer,css,html,jqueary,javascript.

"gujarat Darshan:" An Application On Android Platform

Taken by :  bhargav balabhai narola, Viraj Dobariya, Chirag Patel
Guide By: Dr. Narendra C Chauhan
College :  A. D. PATEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KARAMSAD         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Dignizant technology
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: In this project, we aim to develop a mobile based application ‘Gujarat Darshan’ on android platform. The application should give the mobile user the information of cities, popular places, Heritage Hotels and other information. It should also give some extra features like distance between present user’s positions to the desired destination place. In mobile device, user can add favourite cities in his application. Any mobile user can use this application in his/her mobile device but user must have an android phone. The application aims to develop an attractive User Interface (UI). Since the mobile users are increasing day by day, this kind of application may facilitate to novel users (from outside Gujarat) as well as existing users (of Gujarat), to explore and access details of important places of Gujarat. The overall application may be considered into one modules: user. The user may access the details through online mode or offline mode. In online mode, user is required to have internet connection through which he/she can update the application on android market from where is this application place by us and they are update his/her mobile. In offline mode, user may obtain the details from the local mobile database. This application allows the users to overcome from the burden of accessing tourism websites from their PCs. Many times the websites do not have sufficient information. Even, different information like temples, hotels, museums, etc. may not be available to a single site and user may need to search from multiple sites. The overall objective of the work is to overcome these drawbacks and provide most of the information through mobile.

360 Docvault

Taken by :  Sanjay Purohit, Neville Shukla
Guide By: Nitin Thakkar
College :  S. P. B. PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE, MEHSANA         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Anantsoftech pvt. ltd.
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: 360docVault is Visualisation of file plans and other structured indexes for the orderly storage of information. Management of record retention schedules and deletion schedules. Protection of information in accordance with its characteristics, sometimes down to individual content components in documents. Use of international, industry-specific or company-wide standardized metadata for the unambiguous identification and description of stored information. 360docVault is a 3-tier application solution to handle website significantly. Here, the users are created on the basis of sensitivity. The authorities enjoyed by every user can be kept different according to the permission given by the admin. As per the sensitivity, the user can have creation, deletion and modification rights. Defining user privileges is a very important function to keep the documents safe and unharmed. In 360docVault, documents retrieved can be viewed, printed, e-mailed and faxed. An activity log can be maintained according to the requirements of the users, to keep a record of any action taken on the documents. Users can create and receive their documents in different ways.

A Web Site For Job Seekers

Taken by :  Shah Radhika, Patel Jaina
Guide By: Mr. Jignesh Vania
College :  L. J. INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, AHMEDABAD         Branch:  Information Technology
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: As the modern enterprise looks to optimize workforce output, increase productivity, create a better work-life balance for its customers. We have been asked to give solution for web based application in job portal module. It is very easy to search the available jobs and jobseeker’s resume in a particular city in web application. “Job bazzaar” presents an exciting new development in web-based technology, as they enable web application and search modules for best result. Jobseeker can post his resumes; can search available jobs by search techniques. Employer can post jobs, can easily search resumes by search techniques.

Address Management System

Taken by :  Zalodiya Vijaykumar Jayantibhai, Zala Mandeepsinh Ghansyamsinh
Guide By: Vishal R. Andodaria
College :  SHRI C. U. SHAH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, WADHWA         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Shree Swaminarayan Mandir,Wadhwan
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: In today’s world there are many organization, colleges, schools, and Universities are available. They all post some documents or any magazine or any latter to people, students or customer. So they need a particular address which is required for posting. So they all are write that all address on any document by hand writing. So it very complex or burden work and also it is time consuming. So it require many people and more things. So it is very costly also. when we are visiting the one organization that is swaminarayan mandir wadhwan that also face this problem. When we are meeting the person that handle that department and we discuss to that person and we are thing that we make an desktop application that manage that all address. In that application we are try to providing some function that are related to solve this problem. In which we are providing the some module to solve that problem. In that we are providing the mainly ten module. The first one is login the user. That providing the some what security of application. In that user are to enter the user name and password for login. In that second one is add member in which we are to providing add full detail of any person and store into data. All detail are used into the search and print module also. In that we get the name, address, taluka, city, district, village, zip code, contact no, email, blood group and store that data. The third module is search any person’s detail in which we are to search address by name, by number, by taluka, by district vise. The four module is edit address. That are needed because many people has to change it address and contact no. the fifth one is print address. It is very important module in this application. In which that give the print of address that required for the posting any document. Print gives by many way like we want to print those address that village is xxx so we are to print by village and type xxx and ok then they give print of that address. The sixth module is generate report in which we are to generate pdf file for data store. In that we generate report like as print module. The seventh module is send sms module in which user can send sms to his customer. Because some time it need to change it address then we are to give sms to customer that your address is successfully change or any other sms also. The eighth module is send email module in which user are send email to his customer. Suppose any new thing are available then it attach to that email and it is send to his customer. In that subject are needed. The ninth module is add new user. In that it give username and password then new user do login with that username and password. And the last one is backup and restore in which user are to take backup of database and it restore . That is about all module. So it is very fast to complete the work and it does not require more cost and people. So it is very batter to use in any ware.

Administration Monitoring System For Employee

Taken by :  Zala Sapanabahen Dilipsinh, Chaudhry Urvibahen Ashokkumar
Guide By: Mr.C.M.Kapadiya
College :  GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, MODASA         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: BISAG
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: With Administration Monitoring System, you can view every ongoing activity also on internet and computer desktop activities of the employees. Aditionaly you will be able to transfer files to or from a Remote PC , restart or Shutdown a remote PC, for Chat application , for time and cost modeule.

All Lines Insurance Suite

Taken by :  Shivani P. Tank
Guide By: Jayendrath Mangrolia
College :  A. D. PATEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KARAMSAD         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Suvira Technology
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: This problem is chosen by me because of its technical aspect and real use of it. It is a Web based named “ALL LINES INSURANCE SUITE” this would be created with Front End using ASP.NET with c# and the Back End using SQL server 2008. It is build to help user for select insurance company. This system will perform all the function to manage MGA at one place. The system will be a Web applications that any user can access it from anywhere having internet connection. System will resolve the issue of integrating different systems. Single Sign On facility will be provided so that once a user has to open the system they can get rate of different carrier company by entering class code or description, exposure amount, city, state etc. of their property. The application will be developed as a combination of sub system which will together make the ALIS system. User don’t has to go at different carrier company. Thus this system saves user time and money.

Android Application For Android Phones

College :  SHRI SADVIDHYAMANDAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BHARUCH         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Int Dataa(Tops technologies)
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Our application targets the mobile users who daily access music through their Cellular devices. Our project specifically targets the Smart phones running on Android Platform. Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. Features: • User Interface: A simple integrated user interface which allows a good interaction with the user. • Fully functional audio player: The audio player has all the functionality which is required for the music playback. The audio player allows the user to play variety of file formats mp3, .wmv, etc. • Fully functional video player: The video player has all the functionality which is required for video playback. The video player allows the users to play a variety of file formats like .mp4, .mov, etc. • Online audio playback: the player allows to stream online audio and videos, through internet. • Image Gallery: An image gallery which allows easy management of images. • Media library: A media library which allows easy management of music. A separate audio and video library for easy management of videos and audio files. The audio files can be sorted according to their artist who has composed the song, and in the album which it belongs to. Library also manages playlist. • Web Browser: A web browser which allows downloading of audio and video files. • Social networking: application allows the user to socialise with friends by means of social networking sites and Google maps. • Equalizer: A 5 band equalizer which edits the music according to the user. • Visualizer. It displays the random motion of graphics as the song proceed. • Lyrics playback: the lyrics of the songs will be displayed when music is being played.

Android Live Backup

Taken by :  chabhadiya jigneshkumar, Dobariya Ravindra
Guide By: Yatin Shukla
College :  SARDAR VALLABBHAI PATEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, VASAD         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: MNP infotech
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Mobile Application which takes the backup of Details.Details can be seen on website and can be modified. that will reflects on mobile

Android Pdf Reader + File Manager

Guide By: Mr. Mikin Dagli
College :  SHRI C. U. SHAH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, WADHWA         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: INDATAA PVT LTD.
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: “ANDROID PDF READER+FILE MANAGER“ is Android application which is mobile based technology. This application makes the users possible to read pdf books offline as well as online. This particular application is made keeping in mind the general features that a pdf reader should have and some news functionalities too which makes this application more user friendly and user will love to use it Another inbuilt application which is added is the file manager using which we can manage all the files in the phone and can send them by message of mail and much more. Mobiles with Android operating system not lower than 2.1 version can use this application without any problem. This application can also be used to save files while reading them online.

Anisham's Mobile Handling Application

Taken by :  Anand N Mehta, Hardik G. Patel, Ravi Patel, Vivek Patel, Vatsal Shah, Pratik Tarsaria
Guide By: Nillesh B Prajapati
College :  BIRLA VISHVAKARMA MAHA VIDHYALAYA, V. V. NAGAR         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Concentric Software Technologies
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: The Anisham is a security product which is developed by Navkar Infotronics, Baroda. Anisham is the Security System. Company is expecting the development of the support system for the Security Device. The major tasks include Configuration, Testing, Control Transferring and Call based maintenance for Clients as well as Service Executives. It also needs an automated support system to manage customers. The mobile application is to be developed in major platforms such as WinCE, J2ME and Android operating system. Anisham, The Security product has been programmed to perform certain operations based on certain fixed codes for every operation. i.e. system has one GSM antenna and one SIM card to be installed on it. All the operations codes are sent to that number. And it responds appropriately. Traditionally, all the operations codes were sent to the device manually by typing the codes from the master mobile (authenticated mobile number) which was very awkward. To overcome this, our system has been designed so that by simply clicking the buttons all the operations codes are automatically sent to the registered number as through Short Message Service(SMS).

Anupam Intranet

Taken by :  zalak kansagra, mitsu mehta, sukunj mendpara, mrunal modi, dhaval nariya, miral viroja
Guide By: prof. zankhana h. shah
College :  BIRLA VISHVAKARMA MAHA VIDHYALAYA, V. V. NAGAR         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: anupam industries limited
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: currently all the work is done manually and by paperwork only.which take more time and complicates the communication.we develop this project which incorporates easy and fast communication and streamline the flow of data between the employees at any level within the organization.

Application To Visualize Elevation Data

Guide By: Chetan Kapadiya
College :  GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, MODASA         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Application and GeoInformatics
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: This application converts an contour image from a satellite to cross-section profile. Actually contour image is from the satellite so it is a one dimensional view (space view), so user can not understand what a particular area or object is. To, convert this image in to identifiable image user need to open this image and then need to draw a section line and then he need to plot an contour value on section as per given with contour value. After all this user can see the whole profile that is the 2-D view of an contour. So, user can identify the particular area or object. As this application works using section line and contour data, the contour image need not to be digitized now as it need to be before.

Arcade (online Games) Portal Web Script

Taken by :  rathod sejal j, patel sneha m.
Guide By: Daxa Vekariya
College :  OM SHANTI ENGINEERING COLLEGE, RAJKOT         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Bisag, Gandhinagar
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: Internet business is slowly emerging as a strong means of earning. Many people around the globe try out their luck doing business on the Internet. Most of these people do not have sufficient technical knowledge to develop and/or program solutions which they may require as part of their business on the internet. Such people are always in need to read-to-use and easy-to-install box-packed solutions for their needs. One such need is of a web-script for a web portal exhaustively providing arcade games as form of entertainment for the users. This one script is currently on high-demand. Many Indian and international companies already have web-portals fulfilling similar needs of the e-crowd. As an effort to solve this need, company is currently working on an exhaustive web-script. This script would be feature rich and would cover all the general needs of web-portals. Our project is basically manage games and users. Our project would cover basic problems of user management to advanced problems of managing high scores of the masses. This problem we are dealing with creation of a self sufficient and effectively programmed, user friendly & features rich web-script specifically designed for “Webmasters” who carry out their business of website on the Internet. This script, without any need of programming and with just minor configurations, would be ready-to-install/deploy resulting in an entertainment website for common public which would provide arcade games for its visitors. It would need some minimum specified modern day requirements and features.

Aristocratic Assessment And Evaluation System Of Written Examination

Taken by :  Viraj Pravinkumar Amipara, Hariom Ashokkumar Pandya, Savankumar Jamnadas Koradia
Guide By: Prof. Harshal Shah
College :  OM SHANTI ENGINEERING COLLEGE, RAJKOT         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: GTU
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: After the Conduction of every Theory Examination, collected Papers are physically transported for Evaluation. Result generation time is very high, lots of manual work and chances of error is involved. Storage and Packaging cost are high. Using the Principle of R3 (Reduce, Reuse, and Reproduce) for fast, smart, easy and remote Assessment of Answer-Sheets, negligible cost of Transportation, negligible bundling requirement, Recycling of Answer-Sheets, almost no storage requirements, increased Transparency to Stakeholders, Reduction in the use of Natural Resources and Automated Result Generation are the Motivations of the Proposed System. Scope of Work: Improvement of all Theory Examination by providing a system that transforms physical Answer- Sheets to e-Sheets which allow remote distribution and access via Internet Platform, a fully transparent system for Stakeholders, and smart Result Analysis tool for all Theory Examinations.


Taken by :  Nipa Chavda, Ashini Kapadia, Vagmita Pandya
Guide By: Mrs. Surbhi Mishra
College :  ATMIYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE, RAJKOT         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: 9Series Software
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: ASqReader is an Android based application that sets to make a big impact on the way that one reads its books. Small enough to fit in ones mobile but large enough to carry a whole library, one need never be without ones favorite novel again. The days of carrying around heavy books or finding oneself without something to read while you're on the move are over. ASqReader for Android was written in Java as a clone of original (C++) ASqReader book reader. ASqReader is an application, used to read books and use dictionary. Its users can read the contents of the book very sufficiently and easily. ASqReader for Android supports a lot of e-book formats: epub, rtf, plain text and (partially) mobipocket. Direct reading from zip archives is supported.

Asset Tracking Software

Taken by :  Binal H Buddhdev, Smruti R Gandhi, Krishma K Patel
Guide By: Hitesh Patel
College :  KALOL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KALOL         Branch:  Information Technology
Industry Name: Samyak Infotech
IDP/UDP Field:
Abstract: ASSET TRACKING PROJECT DEFINITION: Asset tracking is a systematic process of planning, operating, maintaining, upgrading and replacing assets cost effectively with minimum risk and at the expected levels of services over the assets’ life cycle. Take the power, performance and possibilities of asset management to an entirely new level. Built on a single software platform, Asset Tracking delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types - production, facilities, transportation and IT - across your enterprise. This holistic perspective allows you to see all of your assets, as well as identify all of the untapped potential within them. You gain the knowledge and control you need to closely align your organization’s goals with the overall goals of your business. BinalBuddhdev Smruti Gandhi Krishma Patel

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