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A Design Of Fpga Based Virtual Eye For The Blind
Student Team/ Author : Panchal Parthkumar Ashokbhai, Patel Mayank Dashrathbhai
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Universal College Of Engineering & Technology
Till date blind people struggle a lot to live their miserable life. Their problems have made them to lose their hope to live in this competing society. They seek help from others to guide them whole day. This project aims to make the blind person fully independent in all aspects. The proposed system is based on “Programmable Gate Arrays (PGA) and Detectors”. This constitutes a virtual eye which communicates to the outside surrounding through a camera. The camera acts as a constant source of information to the system. The data received through the sensors and cameras located in legs and on the head respectively. The received signals from the input devices are processed by gate arrays located in the main processing unit that responds to the blind person through speech processing units. The processed information about surroundings will be informed through the headset (output unit) by which blind people can move and make their work easily on their own. If the person suffers from additional disability, being deaf as well. Then small vibrators can be placed on is legs, based on vibrati
This proposed model enables the visually impaired person to function independently like normal humans. This device for blind people will improve the quality of their life. The problem with the existing system is the delay encountered and the efficiency of it is not sufficient. The main aim of serving the mankind is achieved by providing sense of sight to the needy by this project. This vision system is designed on basis of an efficient scale, superfast computations and minimized device modules. The system is compact in nature ensuring portability that blind people don’t look different, while they wear it. This design articulates the user to behave casually and individually without any restriction. The hardware devices used in this project are carefully selected in such a manner that it does not cause any harmful radiations. The laser wavelength used does not affect the user or other people by its hazardous properties. All these result in a compact, safe, portable, cost-effective, totally a user friendly module satisfying the needs of the needy.

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