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A Portable Glove Based Sign Language Translator With Lcd Display
Student Team/ Author : Panchal Nehaben Harshadkumar, Patel Jankiben Anilbhai, Manwani Raveena Haresh
Guide By : Rajesh Shah
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute Of Technology
Sign language is a language through which communication is possible without the means of acoustic sounds. Instead, sign language relies on sign patterns, i.e., body language, orientation and movements of the arm to facilitate understanding between people. In this report, we describe an automatic sign language to text translation system. This system consists of a glove that can be worn by a deaf to facilitate its conversation in real-time with hearing persons. The system translates the signs to the corresponding letters, using RF module communication, to a LCD that displays the result letters. The recognition of the sign is accomplished using five flex sensors and a 3-axis accelerometer; the signals are converted to digital data, which is compared with a lookup table to get the resulted letter. This system is suspected to help deaf people to communicate with other persons without need of human translator.
To display letter on LCD according to the signer glove.

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