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Alert Mechanism For Blind
Student Team/ Author : Nitish Kumar Sunil Kumar. S Pramod Talagadi Preethi. C
Guide By : Dr. B. Shadaksharappa
Degree : computer science and engineering
College : Shirdi Sai Engineering College
Even though we are in the twenty-first century and the technology is kissing our feet there are many unfortunate ones who are physically and mentally challenged and for some reason the modern medicine seems to be of no effect to them and they remain on the mercy of the traditional and conventional ways of handing such handicaps. Through our project we wish to curtail some of the inconveniences’ and the problems faced by people who are suffering from severe visual impairment. Typically we find a ‘blind person’ using a white color stick tapping all over and finding his way out. Also this stick of his is sometimes fitted with a bell which can be rung to request others to give way. In this project we wish to undo this and approach the problem of obstacles detection in a novel way. We wish to design a mechanism which should cater to the following features: 1. Inform the ‘blind person’ of the obstacles that are present around him. 2. Inform the ‘blind person’ of any puddle of water in front. 3. Inform the ‘blind person’ of any bus coming at the bus stop. 4.

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