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Assistive Technology For Disabled
Student Team/ Author : Sanyal Siddharath Sushobhan, Anjana R Menon, Pankaj Dash
Degree : Chemical Engineering
College : Leelaben Dashrathbhai Ramdas Patel Institute Of Technology
Assistive technology is a piece of technology which is helpful in aiding the disabled persons with their movements helping them in gaining independence. This device is a useful one which always makes a trade off between ease of operation and complexity and usability of the model. It is a most essential and integral part of the operation to set a range or a proper threshold for establishing a range of operation. The condition of the disabled is the most important criteria to assign this setting . We understand that this technology can be implemented in many ways so as to implement this technology. We in our model will make a circuit to effectively undertake the operation of the switch on or off operation of the device to be controlled by the disabled user. It is our endeavour to achieve an operation which is smooth yet advanced without compromising on the usability of the device.
•Simple on and off functionality •Lightweight •Few wires as possible •Portable •Intuitive to use- few buttons, settings required by the carer •Activate for movements set above a threshold by the carer •Can take care of fatigued signals •Can be used with different battery operated devices easily •Simple yet effective piece of technology .Development of personalized devices for the disabled people

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