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Auto Intimate(a Lpg Cylinder Auto-booking Cum Alert System)
Degree : Electrical and Electrnonics Engineering
College : Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology,Burla,Odisha
A real time LPG cylinder monitoring and auto booking intelligent system is presented in this paper. It uses a simple gas trolley fitted with half bridge load censors, micro controller and GSM module.
                                                      AUTO INTIMATE
                                      (A LPG monitoring & auto booking system)
A real time LPG cylinder monitoring and auto booking intelligent system is presented in this paper. It uses a simple gas trolley fitted with half bridge load censors, micro controller and GSM module.
Time plays a vital role for employed people .In  21st  century when people don’t have time to eat breakfast ,who wants to stand in a long queue for booking GAS cylinder. All of us want somebody else to do it for us. Employed people don’t get much time for this silly household works .This is where my proposed system comes to play which give refill alert of gas cylinder level and auto  book it when needed  .
The system is based upon four major components i.e. the load cells, signal amplifier, microcontroller, SIM 900 GSM module. 
ATMEGA 8 is popular ATMEL series micro controller .The  micro controller has 8 kb flash memory with 8 bit processor in addition to 23 I/O pins. It can operate  at 16 MHZ clock speed which gives more robustness  to  system. We are using its Analog pin to read out the amplified load censors signal and digital pins to communicate with SIM 900  GSM module.
1.2 Half Bridge Load Censors:
A load cell  is a transducer that used to create an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to force being measured. In the below circuit 
Diagram if the both gauges responding to strain and the bridge will  be more responsive to applied  load such arrangement is called half bridge wheatstone bridge.
Since both strain gauges will either increase or decrease resistance by the same portion in response to changes in temperature , the effects of temperature change remain cancel and the circuit will suffer minimal temperature-induced 
measurement  error .
Strain gauges  are not enough sensitive  to load change which results lower output signal that can’t be  readable using micro controller analog pin.I t observed that the half bridge load censors gives 0.05mv change in voltage for each 5 kg increase in load. So we amplify the load censors signal using op-amp.
The PART 1 of the circuit is a subs tractor amplifier circuit .This type of differential amplifier amplifies the difference between two load censors output voltage. The output is again fed to a non  inverting  amplifier  (PART 2) which amplify the signal for more precision in analog read of micro controller.
1.4 SIM 900A GSM module:
GSM is a digital, mobile, radio standard developed for mobile, wireless ,voice communications.GSM uses a combination of both the time division multiple access(TDMA) and frequency division multiple access(FDMA).The GSM service is available in following frequency bands.
We are using SIM 900 GSM/GPRS module that delivers 900/1800/1900 MHZ performance for voice. We interfaced SIM900 GSM module with ATMEGA 8 .The module responds AT commands with DTMF tones. Using AT commands and creating DTMF tones the microcontroller through GSM module alert the user using SMS and auto book the cylinder from GAS agency.
When 0 % gas remains in cylinder the consumer get a alert message  -“0% gas remains to initialize auto booking process send START “.If the consumer send START to auto intimate system then it will initialize auto booking process by sending message or dialing no. of respective GAS agency.
Case 2:
When  50% gas remains in cylinder the consumer get a SMS-“ 50% gas remains. AUTO INTIMATE will initializing auto booking when needed.”
Case 3:
When 10% gas remains the consumer get a SMS-“ 10% gas remains. To initialize auto booking send START to abort the process send STOP’’. If the user  respond the message then AUTO INTIMATE takes necessary action immediately. In case the consumer  doesn’t respond the SMS then the system will start auto booking process by its own when 5% gas remains in cylinder. 
Case 4:
In this case consumer can get real time status of his cylinder by sending STATUS  sms to AUTO INTIMATE system.
The consumer must insert a registered GSM sim card in the AUTO INTIMATE sim slot in order to facilitate this service. The sim card  no.  can  be register at respective gas agency .The SIM card must have working SMS plan or sufficient balance.
AUTO INTIMATE system must be plugged into a 220v 50hz AC mains  in order to charge its  in built battery.
AUTO INTIMATE system must be powered off before displacing.
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1st year
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


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