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Design, Analysis And Simulation Of Low Aspect Ratio Tyres (non-pneumatic) For Passenger Cars
Student Team/ Author : Prabhat Kumar Mishra
Guide By : M. H. Monish Gowda and V. Hima Kiran Vithal
Degree :
The development of pneumatic tyre technology has improved drastically over years, which have improved quality and performance of tyres. There are still some inherent disadvantages such as sudden loss in air pressure, need of regular air pressure checks, high rolling resistance and vertical stiffness. As a solution to the prevailing problems, an alternative has to be developed to replace pneumatic tyres. Work has been carried out to design a non-pneumatic tyre that has characteristics of a pneumatic tyre with better ride. In the present work, a non-pneumatic tyre has been designed and its dynamic analysis was carried out. Study was carried to verify whether the non-pneumatic tyre fulfils all the requirements. For this study, a passenger car was selected as benchmark. Based on its tyre dimensions geometric model of non-pneumatic tyre was created. Static analysis was carried out to obtain vertical stiffness. For dynamic analysis explicit time integration method was adopted to simulate rolling of the non-pneumatic tyre. The rolling resistance, contact patch, contact pressure, slip angle

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