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Design And Development Of Integrated Goniometer And Hand Rehabilitator For Elbow And Fingers Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
Student Team/ Author : Christopher Samraj
Guide By : Preetham Shankpal and R. Hariharan
Degree :
Many patients experience hand dysfunction due to neurological and orthopedic injury and diseases like stroke, muscle weakness and fractures. Mechanical methods and automated methods are used to overcome or reduce the disorders. However mechanical methods need a physiotherapist, while automated methods do not require any assistance and stores the results for future reference. Limitations of modern system include requirement of sensors calibration and recharging battery for every single usage. In this project, an integrated Goniometer and Hand Rehabilitator for elbow and hand physiotherapy rehabilitation has been designed and developed. The system observes the motion feedback through the sensors and potentiometer which quantitatively measure the movements of the fingers of hand and elbow. The resistance change in force and flex sensors, due to applied force and bend, respectively, in each finger is converted to calibrated voltage values. And resistance change in potentiometer due to movement of elbow is also converted into voltage values. These voltage values are given to processor as

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