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Design Of Weight Efficient Quadcopter Structure
Student Team/ Author : K. Sudheer
Guide By : Vinod K. Banthia and Pathan Ramjan Rashid
Degree :
Multicopters are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles capable of vertical take-off and landing. Thrust and lift both provided by the same propellers, but mechanism is much simpler than helicopters because of two or more same direction of rotation. These lifting surfaces can be used to control the copter with varying their speeds; therefore the design of such vehicle is different than traditional design of fixed wings or helicopters. But improvement of fail-safe characteristics because of more than two rotors over helicopter, and distributed power usage are keeping these vehicles ahead of anything else in the world of UAVs for various applications. The structural efficiency of copter is directly proportional to payload capacity and higher endurance with higher capacity batteries. Current work was aimed at designing a weight efficient Quadcopter structure with available space for required electronics. In the work, structural analysis of M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies (MSRSAS) - Quadcopter was carried out using Finite Element Analysis. Analysis of a reference design was carried out for dif

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