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Display System For Deaf & Dumb By Gesture
Student Team/ Author : Barot Vivekkumar Rajeshbhai, Pandya Nilay Tarakbhai, Panchal Ruchit Hitendrakumar
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Universal College Of Engineering & Technology
The people who are deaf & dumb and paralyzed patients those have difficulty in communication. So at that time electronic hand glove is used for communication and for that one hand is used for making position of different fingers using flex sensors. The objective of my project is to develop a electronic device for the people who suffer from speech impairment and paralyzed patients.
Expected outcome from this project will be alphabates on the LCD. We will connect sound interface with system.Means after completing one word or sentence by signs that word or sentence sonds by speaker.So we can see the display and hear same sentence from speaker,so better output can be obtain.

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