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Dumb Sign System Using Image Processing
Student Team/ Author : Chavda Kartikkumar Vasantbhai, Patel Himanshukumar Babulal, Khandare Vipulbhai Prakashbhai
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Universal College Of Engineering & Technology
Today 60 million people in India who are deaf/dumb Very difficult for the deaf/dumb to communicate with the ordinary world as all of us do not know the Indian sign Language. We know that big trouble of the dumb/deaf people there is very difficult to communicate with common people. The common people canít understand their sign language so they canít help them. Deaf / dumb people canít live as common people life .they canít get a job, they do not study in school, they not establish any kind of business etc. so there necessary any kind of system to know about their sign language. A more organized form of hand gesture communication is known as sign language. In this language each alphabet of the English vocabulary is assigned a sign. The physically disabled person like the deaf and the dumb uses this language to communicate with each other. The idea of this project is to design a system that can understand the sign language accurately so that the less fortunate people may communicate with the outside world without the need of an interpreter. By keeping in mind the
At Transmission side Make gesture of different colour patches & process on gesture in matlab. Result in transmission side get continuous snapshot of gesture & recognition of colour of gesture transmission side matlab GUI. At receiver side we connect RF serial link to laptop through arduino and make computer port. At receiver side receive data of gesture & colour transmitted from transmission side & sign recognition into text and voice format in many languages.

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