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Dumb Sign System Using Speech Communication
Student Team/ Author : Mr.Santhosh kumar.B Mr. Sunil Dambal Mr.Niranjan Hegde Mr.Sameer Deshpande
Guide By : Ms.B.Srilatha
Degree : Electronics and Communication
College : Shirdi Sai Engineering College
ABSTRACT: Education essentially includes the process of encouraging, strengthening and guiding the faculties, whether of mind or body, so as to make them fit and ready instruments for the work they have to do and, where the need exists, it must include, moreover, the awakening for the first time into activity and usefulness of some faculty which, but for the awakening, might remain forever dormant. As regards intellectual development, the deaf individual is the most handicapped of the afflicted class. The term “deaf and dumb” becoming obsolete among the educators of the deaf, as it implies a radical defect in both the auditory and the vocal organism. Persons who are born deaf, or who lose their hearing at a very early age, are unable to speak, although their vocal organs may be unimpaired. They become dumb because, being deprived of hearing; they are unable to imitate the sounds which constitute speech. To correct the error involved in the term dumb, it is customary to speak of human beings who do not hear and speak as deaf mutes, a term which implies that they are silent, but n

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