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E Cycle For Handicap Person
Student Team/ Author : sheth ankit,bhut chintan
Degree : Electronics and Communication
College : Parul Inst. Of Eng. & Tech.
The project ‘E-CYCLE’ is decided keeping in mind the following two aspects. 1. To fulfill company’s requirement 2. To make it useful for society and for the walfare of society The ‘E-CYCLE’ will be totally motion controlled either with the motion sensor provided to the hand or the foot. The ‘E-CYCLE’ will be battery operated. The battery will be auto-recharged by using the dynamo feature. The core aim of the project it to make it useful for the society, the handicapped and those people who are with physical disabilities of any kind.
The company ‘Desai Engineering Industries’ from which we are doing our IDP project provided us the privilege to manufacture a motion controlled wheel for the vehicles. As the company is presently in the manufacturing of the special purpose machinery for tyre, rubber, power, chemical and glass industries. They are going to introduce themselves in the market of tyre manufacturing, so they given us the wide opportunity to work on their lastest project with the idea of ‘motion controlled wheel’ that can be used into vehicles and various machineries. As per the literature review studied, in India there has been a lot of rage by the Government to the manufacturers to develop different types of vehicles for the welfare of handicapped. Car makers may soon have to manufacture disabled-friendly vehicles as the government has asked them to consider making at least one or two models meant for physically challenged persons. The government also deciding to provide excise duty concessions on vehicles meant for physically challenged people. As per the statistics reviewed by us, the vehicles which are meant to be disabled friendly are only imported from other countries and are also expensive. As per the survey by ‘The Times Of India’ engineering students fromThanjavur had manufactured a an eco-challenger (a solar-powered vehicle for physically challenged peole). Thus an initiative has been taken. The drawbacks regarding this vehicle is it cannot be used during many weather related issues, and cannot be provided to the handicapped people who are not having hands as they need to hold the handle. And even to the people who are suffering from spine-ache problems. Another survey studied is regarding some designing students had manufactured a vehicle for disabled for which there was no other facilities except the revolving chair. Thus in this design there are drawbacks too. The ‘E-CYCLE’ is basically being planned and executed on the floors keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the disabled people in today’s world. We have a vision of providing the best features and facilities so they get compatible with the vehicle and the cost minimizing is the key point. The ‘E-CYCLE’ will comprise of totally motion sensor control which will be given connection to the front wheel of the cycle. The LED will be provided with the infrared signal which will help in keeping the front wheel on the track and aligned. The battery of 12V or more will be provided along with the motor and will be arranged such that the weight and the cycle is balanced respectively.

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