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Effect Of Automotive Glazing Materials On Thermal Comfort Of Passengers Inside The Car Cabin Using Cfd Simulations
Student Team/ Author : V. J. Pruthvi
Guide By : S. Umesh and Ananthesha
Degree :
Thermal comfort inside passenger cars is one of the important aspects in automotive interior design. The influence of aerodynamics has completely changed the exterior shape of automobiles. In order to make body streamline, windshield angles are almost made tangential to the airflow to reduce the projected area of passenger cars. There is an increase in glass area (windows and windshield) to improve visibility and ventilation in passenger cars. Since automotive glass is a semi transparent material, it absorbs and transmits the incident solar radiation into the car cabin. In recent times, most of car makers are spending more time in identifying best possible glazing materials to meet the requirements of thermal comfort, safety and improved visibility of passengers. In this project work, an attempt has been made to study the effects of different glazing materials on thermal comfort of passengers inside the car cabin using CFD simulations. Literature review on different types of glazing materials used in automobiles was studied. Passenger car cabin interior volume was modeled with inlet

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