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Evaluation Of Handling Characteristics Of An Intercity Bus By Multi-body Dynamic Simulations
Student Team/ Author : S. Santosh
Guide By : M. H. Monish Gowda and V. Hima Kiran Vithal
Degree :
Vehicle dynamics is the study of response of the vehicle to driver's input. Various parameters like location of center of gravity (CG), suspension spring stiffness, wheel alignment parameters determine the handling behavior of the vehicle. Vehicle dynamic tests can be simulated virtually to assess the handling behavior. This is a study to investigate the effects of aforesaid parameters on handling characteristics of an intercity bus using MSC ADAMS software tool. Handling performance was determined by evaluating various parameters such as understeer gradient and roll gradient. Understeer gradient is influenced by various parameters like location of CG, tire cornering stiffness etc. Roll gradient of a vehicle depend on various parameters like vertical stiffness of tires, anti-roll bars (ARB) diameter, location of CG, etc. As a part of this study, four different configurations of MBD models were built as per the exterior dimensions and specifications of the selected baseline bus in order to investigate the effect of location of ARB on handling behavior of bus. Several vehicle dynamic

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