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Hand Gesture Based Wheel Chair For Disable
Student Team/ Author : Akul Sharma, Chander Goel, Devesh Khanna, Yatin Aggarwal
Guide By : Mr. Narinderpal Singh
Degree : Electronics and Communication
College : CTIEMT, Jalandhar
Today’s world comprises of a large variety of people. Some of them depend on others for their living. But in today’s fast world, everyone is busy and there are less people to care for the increasing number of elderly and the physically challenged people. Also these people find it tough to even navigate inside the home without external aids. The elderly people find automated wheelchairs as an easy way for locomotion. Having known about these facts, our aim was to bring an automated system which can be used by both the elderly and the physically challenged people in a user friendly manner using hand gestures for operation. In biomedical sector, a wheelchair is an important device because of the recent shift in the industrial populations. The demand of the physically handicapped and the aged are ever rising. The present wheelchairs do not have integration of technologies for their working. It either requires constant monitoring by the helper or hence lot of effort. The recent developments in the robotics artificial intelligence or sensor technology promises enormous scope for deve

The objective of this project is to build an automated wheelchair that can be controlled by hand movements. Elderly or physically challenged person is able to control motions of the wheelchair by wearing the controller glove and performing predefined gestures.

Here we use an accelerometer which will be attached to the users hand and by the movements of hand the motion of the wheelchair can be controlled in a particular direction. So by using this automated wheelchair the elderly person can be able to move from one place to another without someone’s help. Thus this project reduces human efforts to great extent otherwise there is always a need of some other person who used to push the wheelchair carrying a disabled person while moving from place to place.

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