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Hand Gesture Recognitation For Deaf And Dumb
Guide By : Mrs. SAPNA GARDE
Degree : Electronics and Communication
This is a very important matter relating to the deaf persons of the country. These people are obviously physically challenged. We understand that all sides of the House must have sympathy and definitely have responsibility towards them. It also influences their feelings about how to exist as a people. This experience is often compared to living in a all country. Think about it: How would you feel if you were living in a foreign land where the language, customs, and culture weren't native to you? You'd probably go through each day with reluctance and uncertainty. You'd want to say what's appropriate, not something that would be viewed as ignorant. You'd feel frustrated when you wanted to state your opinion but couldn't make yourself understood. You'd feel isolated when everyone was laughing at a joke, and you didn't understand the punch line. Deaf people often feel this way when they're surrounded by hearing people.
Deaf people face some challenges that the hearing world does not and may find difficult to understand. The day to day tasks that hearing people take for granted can be more difficult for a deaf person. The deaf community and culture is one of the tools that can help deal with these obstacles and provide support from others who can understand best. ? Facing the Challenges of the Deaf Community Through the years, Deaf people have faced numerous challenges. Other past challenges included little access to education and almost no opportunity for gainful employment. Although things have improved over time, Deaf people still face obstacles. This article discusses challenges past and present and looks at how the Deaf community has made strides to overcome them. a) You've come a long way Although Deaf people aren't viewed as being possessed by the devil anymore, they still continue to face the challenges presented to them by a hearing world. Deaf people have fought for equal opportunities in education and employment and for cultural recognition, just to name a few. Take a look at how the Deaf community has overcome modern obstacles. b) Putting the past in the past Sign language, like the Deaf people who use it, has had to fight for survival. Around the world, Sign language — as well as those who communicate this way — has been viewed as lesser than that of the hearing world. Many hearing people have dedicated themselves to changing the Deaf and their language. For centuries, Deaf people had to undergo the treatment of being viewed as incomplete because of their absence of hearing. Some religious groups wanted to save Deaf people, while other groups wanted to teach them. Because of a lack of speech, Deaf people were viewed as deaf and dumb. This label, which Aristotle invented, has been attached to the Deaf people since ancient Greece. Deaf people have been associated with being demon-possessed because some of them can't speak. Due to numerous biblical verses labeling them as “dumb” or “mute”, the middle Ages — a dogmatic religious time — wasn't kind to Deaf people. Deaf individuals were hidden by family members, locked in asylums, or forced to try speaking, even though they couldn't hear themselves. During World War II, Adolf Hitler's henchmen castrated Deaf men after they were locked up in concentration camps as part of various medical experiments. Contemporary religious leaders have attempted to heal Deaf people of their 3 "sickness" and accused them of lacking faith when miraculous hearing didn't happen. Many Deaf people and Deaf advocates have risen to challenge this oppression, and they seem to have been successful because Deaf people are still signing to one another every day.

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