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Interactive Voice Response System Latch For Industrial Automation
Guide By : Ms. Minu Samantaray
Degree : B.Tech
College : Trident Academy of Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
The main objective of the project is to operate and control the device automatically by telephone or mobile phone which can be implemented in an organisation to control electrical and electronic devices.
Using this type of system just you need to follow the instructions given by a voice feedback generated by PC. One have to call to a specific mobile number (GSM) and automatically it will be lifted by the microcontroller. GSM technology is used to establish a connection between two parties and DTMF is used to extract the tones/frequency of the typed switch by the user. After lifting the call PC having a HMI (Human Machine Interface) will automatically generate a welcome voice and it will ask for the password. If the password is correct it will generate different voices and as options selected different devices will be automated automatically. Also along with it a temperature sensor is connected which continuously detects the temperature and when user wants to know the details he can get the voice feedback by just pressing a specific switch.

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