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Mems Based Wheel Chair Controlled By Hand Movements
Student Team/ Author : Ladva Ajay Narottambhai, Ghelani Keyurkumar Mansukhbhai
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Dr. Subhash P. Chavda Ahir Kelvani Mandals Group Of Institution
Approximately 6 million people in the world face the problem of disability due to paralysis of various degrees. Paralysis is caused by impairment of nervous system disabling the people from performing various common functions. This project provides a system that can be used by disabled people to control the motion of the wheelchair by elementary motion of their hand. The system comprises of a Transmitter mounted on operatorís hand; employing a MEMS Accelerometer which transmits control signals to the Receiver. The receiver is mounted on the wheelchair and controls its motion based on control signals.
These had greater importance than any other technologies due its user-friendly nature. MEMS ACCELEROMETER SENSOR based devices can be easily reachable to the common man due to its simpler operation.

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