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Mobility Assistant For Disabled Person
Student Team/ Author : Mungara Milan Damjibhai, Gandhi Viraj Kishor, Jodhani Ohm Pravinbhai, Patel Darshan Kantilal
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Atmiya Institute Of Technology & Science, Rajkot
The aim of this project is to develop an assistance system on a wheelchair for the physically challenged and handicapped people to compensate their needs of maneuverability. This Mobility Assistant accepts the input from the user and accordingly sends command to the wheelchair to traverse around the surrounding. The proposed system will sense the body movement of a person sitting on a wheelchair and then shifts the wheelchair suitably so that it moves towards the desired direction. Further the system can also be upgraded so that it can detect object and obstacle on the way and thus helps it by adding more safety. The system will be self-contained within the wheelchair so that it ensures maximum mobility.
The System ‘Mobility Assistant for Disabled person’ will be very much helpful to the physically challenged and handicapped people to satisfy their urge of moving on a wheelchair without adding any hard physical efforts. A simple yet effective solution to the society of disabled person by our proposed system. Along with this a new dimension of automation and ease of operation will also be achieved. Conventionally they are supposed to move the wheelchair with the help of their hands which takes a lot of exertion. So this system will provide an efficient way for such people to maneuver around the surrounding without having to deal with the extra efforts required. Further the disabled person can also become mostly independent for their movement needs and desire.

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