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Numerical Investigation On Strip Distortion Simulator For Generating Gas Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion Patterns
Student Team/ Author : M. Saleem Yusoof
Guide By : M. D. Deshpande and M. Sivapragasam
Degree :
Engine inlet distortion creates great impact on the performance of the aircraft gas turbine engine. Study on the changes in performance of the engine due to distortion flow is essential and it requires a method to develop a distortion pattern so that engines can be tested subjected to this distortion. In the present thesis a methodology has been developed for generating a complex distortion pattern by using strips inserted radially in the flow duct. The strips are arranged in the duct in such a manner as to generate the target distortion pattern in a selected target plane. The distorted flow field due to the presence of a strip was calculated by solving the Navier-Stokes equations. The distorted flow due to two strips in the target plane was constructed by superposing the solutions in this plane due to the individual strips, since superposition is known to be approximately valid. From the data bank created for distorted flows due to strips of different sizes, the target distorted flow field was constructed using multiple strips of chosen size and further verified by simulating the f

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