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Object Detecting And Directing System For Visually Impaired People
Student Team/ Author : Desai Pankaj Jethabhai, Akabari Rakshit Parsotambhai
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Noble Group Of Institutions, Junagadh
Blindness is one of the most severe types of disability that a person has to endure. Traditionally blind people use white canes which are very limited in its ability to provide navigation properties to the user and cannot easily detect obstacles. Mobility of visually impaired people is limited by their inability to perceive their surroundings. This renders their life to depend on some kind of aid to move around. In this project we propose to build a navigation system that will be able to guide a visually impaired person safely and with ease in an indoor and outdoor environment. This goal has been realized through the use of an ultrasonic device as transmitter and detector to determine the range of obstacles and also micro controller. The system includes a warning system through voice alert and through generation of vibration.
For the solution of this problem we make guidance system that will guide the blind person to perceive obstacles that in front or on the path. This guidance allows the blind persons to avoid obstacle by warning system through buzzer. Our main goal is to make a system that will be cost effective and easy to use. The blind person easy detecting object and walk to normal.

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