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Optimisation Of Process Parameters Used In Welding For Axle Housing
Student Team/ Author : Shashank K. Bharadwaj
Guide By : Rahul M. Cadambi and Raja Hussain
Degree :
Optimization has an important role in the industries today as each and every industry aim for reducing cost of their process. The aim of the project is to reduce the welding cost of axle housing by optimizing the process parameters of gas metal arc welding process. The major objective of the project is to identify and select critical process parameters, which affects the cost of welding process. Scope of the project is to reduce the cost of welding of axle housing without compromising the quality of component by optimizing certain parameters, which have direct effect on welding process. After carrying out initial study on welding process, electrode wire, shielding gas and power were identified and considered as important factors contributing for the cost of welding. With further study and analysis, electrode wire emerged as main factor for cost of welding. Root cause analysis carried out on electrode wire showed more weld wire consumption, which was due to increase in weld bead width. It was decided to reduce the width of weld without compromising the quality. Voltage and speed of w

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