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Physical Handicap Business Cycle
Student Team/ Author : Patel Krupal Mukundbhai, Sojitra Ronak Madhubhai, Patel Ashishkumar Ashokbhai, Thakkar Nileshkumar Bharatbhai
Degree : Aeronautical Engineering
College : Hasmukh Goswami College Of Engineering
In this report we study about the problem with the handicap person in his/her life. due to very high price of all necessary things like food, cloth, fuel etc. In these days so, all people have to do work for the self survival in the society, for better life with full facility, respect and self ego, common people (male / female) can do the work according their strength but for the handicap people it to difficult to work, so what about their life? Howcan they live with that facility which we get ? In present days the people ignore the handicap person for their physical problem and donít support them. The above problem of society can be eliminate by helping & supporting the handicap people so, we are going to design a cycle with trolley having an enough space for doing a small business for the handicap people. In this business cycle the handicap person can make an small business for survival and better life same like common person. we dedicate our design for handicap person.
We wish that after making this project any organisation or government make proper modification and distribute free to handicap people so they can make a small house hold business.

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