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Process Modelling, Simulation And Experimental Validation For Prediction Of Chip Morphology During High Speed Machining Of Al 2024-t3
Student Team/ Author : Arvind Jeevannavar
Guide By : Raja Hussain
Degree :
Metal cutting is one of the most widely used manufacturing techniques in the industry and there are lots of studies to investigate this complex process in both academic and industrial world. Predictions of important process variables such as cutting speed, cutting feed and stress distributions play significant role on validating chip morphology. Researchers find these variables by using experimental techniques which makes the investigation very time consuming and expensive. At this point, finite element modelling and simulation becomes main tool. These important cutting variables can be predicted without doing any experiment with finite element method. The aim of this project is to create a numerical model to examine the chip morphology convinced by orthogonal machining in the finished work piece and the chip is validated by numerical simulation comparing with experimental result. The Finite Element Method (FEM) is used to simulate and compare chip morphology with experimental result which is simulated by an orthogonal metal cutting process. Therefore, Arbitrary Langrangian-Eulerian

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