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Sensing Device For Deaf And Dumb Person Using Zigbee Protocol
Student Team/ Author : Hiren Niranjani,Priyank Joshi
Guide By : C.D.Parmar
Degree : Electronics and Communication
College : B.H. GARDI College of Engg. & tech.
Today the general technique used to communicate with the deaf persons is through gestures when they are face to face but when they are at a certain distance then it becomes very difficult to communicate with them due to deficiency of hearing. While the rest of society uses modern telephone technology such as mobile phones and the internet, deaf people have been overlooked as mainstream markets have failed to modernize technology.
Initially we visited several industries such as ORBIT BEARING PVT. LTD., PROGRESSIVE AUTO SPARE, but could not find appropriate industrial problems. Hence at last we decided to solve some social problem. Thus we visited the school of deaf and dumb in Rajkot. The deaf people have deficiency of hearing but they are not dumb. Their other senses are very active. They can sense the things happening around them through other senses. Deaf patients tend to face prolonged or unnecessary illnesses due to inadequate communication between the people and themselves. Hearing loss presents many everyday challenges-some large, some small. Communication may be the biggest challenge of all-getting and giving information, exchanging ideas, sharing feelings-whether in one-to-one contact, in groups, on the telephone, or through television and radio. In case of communication, they face some major problems. From the past few years we have seen that many techniques have been developed for the welfare of deaf people .The new techniques to reduce their deficiency of hearing have been developed. But in case of communication the only technique available is through gestures. Using gestures of various things through the body movements, the deaf people are able to satisfy their needs and are able to communicate with the other persons. But such type of communication is possible only when they are face to face. What if they are not in sight and the other person wanted to communicate with them or call them? What of the small deaf child has lost its path or track? How will the elders communicate with them? The major problems the people face while communicating with the deaf people are as follows: • When the deaf persons are communicating with each other it becomes difficult for others to call them. The other person has to go near them and inform them. • When it is required that all the students have to gather at one place, all the students have to be informed individually. • When these people lost their path it becomes difficult to guide them towards the right direction. • Another situation may be, if a deaf person is standing right next to you and you want to get their attention, appropriate behavior in deaf culture would be to tap them on the shoulder. We don’t typically touch our co workers in hearing culture; so many people may not know that although tapping may not always be appropriate in hearing culture, it is actually very acceptable in deaf culture. Due to most hearing people not knowing sign language, deaf people in general cherish spending time with other deaf who they can converse with easily in their natural language.

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