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Sign Language Coach
Student Team/ Author : Rathod Riya Kamleshbhai, Patel Meena Jayantibhai, Tabiyad Payal Arjanbhai
Degree : Aeronautical Engineering
College : L. D. College Of Engineering, Ahmedabad
Sign Language is a visual language based on hand gestures. It has been well-developed by the deaf community over the past centuries and is the 3rd most use language in the United States today. Our motivation is two-fold. Aside from helping deaf people communicate more easily, the SLC also teaches people to learn the ASL. Our product, a sign language coach (SLC), has two Modes of operation: Teach and Learn. The SLC uses a glove to recognize the hand positions and outputs the ASL onto an LCD. The glove detects the positions of each finger by monitoring the bending of the flex sensor. Build flex sensor circuit for each finger. Send sensor circuit output to MCU A/D converter to parse the finger positions.
This project met our expectations. It accomplishes more than what we initially planned for it to do, including being able to recognize the letters of the alphabet. Still, there are many add-ons that are possible for our project. We could have done many things differently and can do a lot to improve our product. Some improvements include implementing a free mode in addition to the existing train and program modes, where the system will recognize any letter being signed. We also limited our project to the alphabet; implementing word vocabulary would have been a great addition to the project. Using a more powerful microcontroller with more memory was required for the system to successfully ?Learn the signed letters. Our small 16 by 4 LCD also provided some limitations; a larger LCD would have been useful for creating a more user-friendly display. Another improvement could have been made to the physical connections of the flex sensors to the microcontroller. The long wires are very cumbersome, and the use of cable wire would have looked cleaner. However, given the time constraint that we had and the limitations of the microcontroller, we believe our project to be a success.

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