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Sign Language Converter
Student Team/ Author : Parmar Dhruval Harishchandra, Chauhan Manishaben Ganpatsinh
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Parul Institute Of Engineering & Technology
The SLC (Sign Language Converter) using glove provide us communication between deaf & dumb and normal person. Our Project is truly depended upon electronics and communication. HOW? We have used embedded system using AT89S52 controller in it. Now a days AT89S52 controller is widely used in industries because with help of it we can control the instrument better than other controller, today micro controller is very widely used for controlling purpose. Micro controller has many facilities like input and output ports, timer and counter, serial input-output, interrupts, internal memory etc. but AT89S52 provide more facilities than these. Above portion shows the electronic part of the project, now let us see the communication part of the project. With help of the our project we can establish the communication link between a normal and abnormal people. Abnormal means a people which donít have a capability to speak and hear, means deaf and dumb persons. Above portion shows the real communication between two society.Our approach is important for deaf & dumb personís decision-making and Human-
A portable Glove Based Sign Language Converter with LCD Display which display a character and a different sign according to bending of fingers of hand and also convert it into a speech through a speaker.

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