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Tongue Motion Controlled Wheelchair
Student Team/ Author : Vaidya Mansi Manishkumar, Purohit Khushbu Vinodbhai, Parekh Ashil Jayesh, Mavadiya Jayesh Veljibhai
Degree : Computer Science & Engineering
College : Government Engineering College, Bhuj
People will find difficult in handling their daily activities if they have problems with their hands and legs, so they are considered as handicap. Due to the incapability in movement, they are always being deprived in this situation. So in order to overcome this problem there is a few options that maybe helpful. The Tongue Drive Assistive technology for paralyzed persons using AT89S52 Microcontroller is an exclusive project that can move the wheel chair according to the instructions given by the above said microcontroller. An Embedded System is a combination of software and hardware to perform a dedicated task. This project ?Tongue Drive Assistive technology for totally paralyzed persons? is mainly intended to design a wheel chair which can be controlled by a movement of tongue, which is very useful for handicapped and paralyzed persons. The system consists of Hall Effect sensor and a wheel chair interfaced to the controller. This device could revolutionize the field of assistive technologies by helping individuals with severe disabilities such as those with high-level spinal cord i
Expected outcome of this project is a wheelchair which can completely controlled by the motion of the tongue. This is very helpful to the persons who are paralyzed or handicapped and cant move their hands and legs.

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